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How To Measure The Quality Of Carbon Fiber CT Bed Plate Products

There are many applications of carbon fiber products in the field of medical equipment, which has a lot to do with the light weight and high strength of carbon fiber materials. In addition, there are many excellent properties that have also been well used in carbon fiber materials, such as Skin-friendly, X-ray transparent and other properties. There are many products applied to medical devices, among which there are products such as carbon fiber medical bed boards for CT detection. How to ensure the quality of your carbon fiber CT bed boards when using them?The Be-cu prototype is here to tell you about it.The carbon fiber CT bed plate will have different product quality due to different manufacturers. The quality control of the carbon fiber CT bed plate can be measured through these aspects.

Strength And Quality Of CT Sheet

First of all, the carbon fiber material has very good lightweight and strength properties. When you get the carbon fiber CT bed plate, you can have a very good understanding of the strength and its own quality, including the product manual. The density of carbon fiber material is 1.8 g/cm3, which can be converted according to the size. Of course, there is no way to measure the overall board in this aspect, because there is a sandwich in the middle of the carbon fiber CT bed board, including the use of polyoxymethylene acrylimide foam core material inside, but it will still have strong strength, including internal support, making The plate will not deform excessively under compression, so a simple mechanical test can be performed in the detection of the CT bed plate.

X-ray Transmittance

X-rays are emitted by CT equipment, and the effect is to check the patient’s physical condition. For the quality of the carbon fiber medical bed, we must pay attention to the penetration of X-rays, because this affects the actual equipment.

Performance, if the penetration performance of X-rays is very good, it means that the materials used are very good, which can reduce the power of X-rays well, on the one hand, reduce the impact on patients, on the other hand, it can also ensure that medical staff face radiation exposure. safety. In the actual production of carbon fiber medical bed board, it is usually composed of carbon fiber board and PMI sandwich material. This design can greatly improve the X-ray performance.

Imaging Clarity

The key point on carbon fiber CT equipment is the clarity of the imaging display. In the application of carbon fiber CT bedplates, the imaging clarity must be considered. The higher the resolution, the clearer the image.

For high-quality carbon fiber CT bedplates, the internal structure of the bedplates needs to be uniform, so as to ensure uniform X-ray transmittance and less impurities in the whole, which reduces the divergence of X-rays and is conducive to subsequent imaging clarity. It is time to take into account the product quality of the carbon fiber CT bed, and see the clarity according to the imaging of the medical bed. It is also an important way to judge the carbon fiber medical bed board.

These are the interpretations of the carbon fiber CT bed plate. On the carbon fiber medical bed plate, we must ensure the stability of the quality, so that better results can be presented during diagnosis. For carbon fiber medical CT panels, if the manufacturer chooses the above, you can come to Be-cu Prototype for consultation. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. has ten years of rich experience in the carbon fiber field and is engaged in carbon fiber products. Production and machining, complete molding equipment and perfect machining machines, can complete the production of various types of carbon fiber square tubes, and better satisfy customers. Welcome to consult.


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