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Interpretation Of Carbon Fiber Tube Forming Process

Compared with commonly used metal pipes, carbon fiber pipes have a series of advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and small thermal expansion coefficient. Carbon fiber tube is one of the common carbon fiber products. Generally, there are carbon fiber round tube, carbon fiber square tube, carbon fiber hexagonal tube, carbon fiber elbow, carbon fiber special-shaped tube, etc. In this article, we will learn about the forming process of carbon fiber tube.

Commonly used carbon fiber tube forming methods include carbon fiber roll forming, carbon fiber pultrusion, filament winding, and carbon fiber compression molding. The process of the carbon fiber rolling process is as follows: according to the required pipe specifications, the carbon fiber prepreg is cut and the appropriate inner core mold is selected, and then the carbon fiber prepreg is rolled onto the inner core mold using the hot-pressed raw material of the coiling machine. , and then wrap the rolled carbon fiber tube with a layer of OPP, send it to a high-temperature curing furnace, and cure it under the action of a certain time and high temperature.

Carbon fiber tube pultrusion refers to the continuous production of carbon fiber lines of unlimited length by dipping, extrusion molding, heating and curing, and cutting to length under external traction . A method of molding products. Winding molding is to solidify carbon fiber prepreg on a rotary mandrel under normal pressure and at a relatively high temperature. It is an effective method for producing pipes of various specifications. Carbon fiber molding is suitable for making square tubes and special-shaped tubes. The carbon fiber prepreg is laminated in the mold, the mold is closed, and it is sent to the molding machine for high temperature and high pressure molding.

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