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Introduction To The Molding Process Of Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon fiber is a high-performance structural material with a series of performance advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and high working temperature. In practical applications, it is often combined with resin and other matrix materials to form carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber products have been used in many fields. In this article, let’s take a look at the molding of carbon fiber products.
First, the mold needs to be cleaned to ensure the quality of the product, and then a layer of release agent is applied on the surface of the mold to facilitate the release of subsequent products, and then the prepreg is laid in the mold to ensure that each layer of prepreg The material is compacted. After all the prepreg layers are completed, the mold is closed, and in order to remove the air in the mold, after the mold is closed, some need to open the mold for a period of time to ensure that the material has not yet cured. The process in which the material changes from a fluid state to a hard infusible insoluble state is called the curing of thermosetting resins. The speed of curing depends on the rate at which the composition of low relative molecular mass in the resin is converted to the product of high relative molecular mass, that is, the curing speed is related to the molecular structure of the resin. After the solidification is completed, it is necessary to hold the pressure for a certain period of time, and after cooling, the mold release treatment is performed.
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