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Nondestructive Testing Method For Carbon Fiber Composites

Non-destructive testing is to carry out activities such as measurement and detection without destroying the object to be detected. It is the most widely used in the field of metal materials and is relatively mature. Commonly used testing methods include radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, and penetration testing. , eddy current testing and other methods.

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Because carbon fiber is widely used in military and other fields, the performance requirements of carbon fiber composite materials are extremely high, and excessive delamination and inclusion defects are not allowed inside. Therefore, the detection of carbon fiber composite materials is particularly important. The non-destructive testing methods that can be applied to the defect detection of carbon fiber composite materials mainly include:  

Ultrasonic Testing

The method widely used in material defect detection is a relatively early detection method. It is detected by the influence of the material itself or the acoustic properties of defects on the propagation of ultrasonic waves.

It can also be divided into pulse reflection method, pulse transmission method and resonance method. , multiple reflection method, phase reflection method, sound spectrum analysis method, etc.


It is based on the different absorption coefficients of different composite materials for radiation or the difference in the composition and shape of the surface and interior of the same composite material, resulting in different attenuation of incident radiation intensity. defect.  

Acoustic Emission Detection Method

In the process of applying load to the inspected composite component, the stress of the component will cause the expansion of the original defect or the generation of new defects in the original poor quality area. The expansion of the original defect and the expansion of the sexual defect both generate acoustic signals. Monitor the entire component.  

Industrial CT Detection Method

  Mainly used in non-destructive testing of three-phase braided composite materials and puncture composite materials in composite materials. It can accurately detect various defects such as metal inclusions, fiber breakage, and insufficient dipping.  

Laser Holography Nondestructive Testing

After a certain load is applied to the tested composite component, the displacement change of the component surface is related to the internal defects of the material and the stress distribution of the component. This method can well detect the debonding defects of the bonding interface.   Other possible detection methods include: neutron imaging, thermal infrared imaging, microwave detection, penetrant detection, etc.

The use of these advanced technologies and equipment has made the non-destructive testing technology far beyond the connotation of the original testing technology. Carbon fiber composite materials are also widely used in the lightening and high temperature resistance of missile weapons. The carbon fiber produced by China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the PAN yarn of Japan’s Toray Company, which meets the needs of the high-end market and can be used in medical equipment, military protection, sports equipment and other fields. If you have this requirement, please click the online customer service on the right to contact us online.


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