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Precautions For Post-machining Of Carbon Fiber Sheet

The carbon fiber board is completed by lamination of carbon fiber prepreg. In the process of carbon fiber board production, the first step is to cut the carbon fiber prepreg, and then cut the carbon fiber prepreg according to the size of the carbon fiber board. The carbon fiber prepreg is processed into a series of laminations and cnc machined into a carbon fiber board, but the carbon fiber board at this time cannot meet the required dimensional accuracy requirements, including a series of post-machining operations. In this article, I will tell you what to pay attention to. The place.

Precautions For Post-machining Of Carbon Fiber Sheet

After the carbon fiber board is solidified and formed, it needs to carry out the corresponding cutting machining operation. First, the carbon fiber board can be produced into the required basic shape and size, and then through the machining machine, various grinding and drilling needs are carried out.

This kind of meets the assembly requirements, and after painting, it makes the aesthetics better, including the corrosion resistance after subsequent use, and there will also be multiple grinding processes. In cnc machining, special attention should be paid to the three aspects of trimming, milling and painting.

Generally speaking, how long it takes to change the tool during carbon fiber plate processing depends on the specific situation. It is recommended to replace the tool when it has been used for a certain number of times or when it shows obvious wear.

Precautions For Carbon Fiber Plate Manufacturing

Carbon fiber plate is a lightweight, high-hardness, high-toughness material with good corrosion resistance. However, it will cause great wear and tear on the tool during processing, so you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Adjust the processing parameters to avoid excessive wear of the tool. When Contract CNC Machining carbon fiber plates, processing parameters such as cutting speed and feed rate should be reasonably adjusted according to specific conditions.
  • Use harder tool materials to make cutting tools more wear-resistant. When processing carbon fiber plates, tools with corresponding hardness should be selected according to the hardness of the carbon fiber plates.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain cutting tools to ensure they maintain sharp cutting edges.

Tool Life During Carbon Fiber Plate Manufacturing

Common tool materials include tungsten carbide, carbide, ceramics, etc. How long it takes to change the tool during carbon fiber plate sheet fabrication depends on the specific situation. Generally speaking, the hardness of carbon fiber plates is high, and the tools are prone to wear during processing. It is recommended to replace the tools after they have been used for a certain number of times or when obvious wear occurs. In addition, using different tool materials will also affect its service life.

How To Extend The Service Life Of Tools

In order to extend the service life of the tool, you need to master the following skills:

  • Pay attention to the addition of cutting oil during processing to reduce friction and wear.
  • Select appropriate processing parameters and reasonably balance parameters such as cutting speed and surface roughness.
  • Check, clean and lubricate cutting tools regularly, and replace seriously worn tools in a timely manner.
  • Repair or replace damaged tools and avoid using tools that have been damaged for a long time to avoid unnecessary accidents or problems.


First of all, let’s look at how to make the carbon fiber board cutting. The purpose of carbon fiber board cutting is to make the carbon fiber board meet the subsequent assembly requirements. When cutting, choose a good tool to ensure that the carbon fiber board will not be cut during cutting. In the case of delamination and cracking, the cutter should try to choose the upper and lower double-edged milling cutter, which can better disperse the axial force of cutting. In the machining of carbon fiber board, special attention should be paid to the separation of the board. Attention should be paid to the layer situation. Under the layer by layer, it is easy to cause damage to the carbon fiber board. After the damage, the carbon fiber board can only be scrapped. At this time, the axial force of the carbon fiber board must be considered, because it is easy to appear. stratified situation.

The second is the operation of milling holes. There are many carbon fiber plates for hole milling, which are used in many fields. The most common ones are the processed spare parts of carbon fiber plates, such as products used in lithium batteries and solar energy industries. All operations require drilling. When drilling, the phenomenon that causes the delamination of the carbon fiber board should also be considered. At this time, a drill bit for drilling should be selected to better ensure that the carbon fiber board will not be delaminated or delaminated. tearing condition. In the selection of drill bits, the strength must be high, because the strength of carbon fiber itself is particularly high, so it is recommended to choose a hard alloy drill bit, so as to avoid the phenomenon of tearing if the milling cutter is operated after wear and tear. .

Then there is grinding and painting. In the process of polishing and painting, when polishing, remove impurities and bumps, and then carry out corresponding painting. In the process of painting, fine grinding is also required to ensure better accuracy of carbon fiber board parts. , to better meet the requirements.

It can be seen that the process of carbon fiber board is still relatively cumbersome in the entire machining process, which is why carbon fiber board is well received by users. The production cost of carbon fiber board here is relatively high, then at this time, it must be taken into account The problem of cost, so in order to better obtain high-quality carbon fiber board machining parts, it is necessary to control the entire price link. Be-cu prototypes produce carbon fiber board machining parts in many industries. If necessary, welcome to the front to consult. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. has ten years of rich experience in the carbon fiber field. It is engaged in the production and machining of carbon fiber products. It has complete molding equipment and perfect machining machines, and can complete various types of carbon fiber products. Production, customized production according to drawings.

In carbon fiber plate processing, the service life and maintenance of tools are very important, and unnecessary frequent replacement of tools should be avoided. At the same time, the large machining parameters and the addition of cutting oil will also affect the service life of the tool and need to be carefully controlled.


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