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Problems That Are Easily Encountered In Zirconia Ceramics Machining

Zirconia ceramic materials have been widely used in various industries. The performance of zirconia ceramic materials is very good, but it is also very difficult to process. Although there are many methods for zirconia ceramic machining, the machining cost is high and the machining efficiency is low. , poor machining accuracy. One of the main reasons for this is the very high hardness of ceramics.

Zirconia Ceramics Machining

The unsintered body or sintered body of zirconia ceramics is mainly rough-machined by cutting, and finished by grinding after sintering. Be-Cu Ceramics specializes in the machining of zirconia ceramic materials, summarizes the problems that are easy to encounter in the machining of zirconia ceramics, and shares them with you.

Problems that are easily encountered in the Machining of zirconia ceramics

First of all, depending on the situation of zirconia ceramics, the sintered body can be directly ground and processed to achieve the design accuracy without machining. In terms of machining process, zirconia ceramics are almost similar to metal parts, but the machining allowance of zirconia ceramics is much larger.

However, when the unsintered or sintered ceramics are processed for rough machining, the problem of insufficient strength or surface machining defects is easy to occur, or due to insufficient clamping and other reasons, the required final machining shape cannot be obtained. A little carelessness will damage the embryo body, making all the machining situations in vain. Losses will also rise sharply.

Another problem of zirconia ceramic machining is the high cost of machining tools. Using a professional CNC ceramic engraving machine for cutting requires the use of expensive sintered diamond and CBN tools. The finishing is also dominated by diamond grinding wheels, so the tool cost is higher. The tools used in metal cutting are dozens to hundreds of times. In fact, these are one of the most important costs of ceramic material machining,

The strength of zirconia ceramics is sensitive to machining conditions, and it is difficult to achieve high-efficiency machining, so the machining cost of zirconia ceramics is much higher than that of ordinary materials. The low machining efficiency is an important reason for the high machining time cost of the workpiece.

The above problems that are easy to encounter in industrial zirconia ceramic machining are introduced here. There are many methods of ceramic plane machining, and basically all machining methods can process plane, turning, milling, planing, grinding, drawing, and wire cutting. However, all the problems are mainly concentrated on the relatively high cost of machining zirconia ceramic materials. Be-Cu Ceramics specializes in the production and design of various zirconia ceramic workpiece structural parts.

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