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Process Flow Of Silicon Aluminum Contract

Process flow of silicon aluminum contract

In the whole machining process, the silicon-aluminum alloy cavity mainly uses two types of machine tools: grinder and CNC. Due to the high hardness of the material, it should be different from traditional metal materials in the machining process.

Grinder For Custom Silicon Aluminum Contract

First, the silicon-aluminum alloy material is cut by a grinder, and then the external dimensions of the cavity are ground to an accurate size by a grinder.

CNC Machining Silicon Aluminum


  • Machine tool: It is best to use a special ceramic model with good protection performance during CNC machining to prevent dust damage to the machine tool.
  • Tool: choose diamond tool. The hardness of silicon-aluminum alloy is high, and it is difficult for conventional milling cutters to process it. Choosing diamond tools can solve this problem.
  • Processing toolpath optimization: When machining perforation of silicon-aluminum alloy, edge chipping may occur, so a process similar to ceramic machining should be used when machining toolpath editing.
  • Cutting fluid: Use cutting fluid with moderate acid and alkali for machining, which helps to prolong the service life of the tool.

2.Actual Operation:

  • First place the fine material processed by the grinder in the fixed clamping position (fixture) of the CNC machine tool, and use the center bar to find the center position of the workpiece.
  • Tool length measurement, use the tool setter that comes with the machine tool to measure the tool length.
  • Workpiece drop measurement.
  • Import NC program to execute machining.

After the workpiece is processed, the workpiece is removed for data detection.

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