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Research On DxIC Application System Of CNC Machine Tool Factory, Research On DNC Software Technology

Research on the application of Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) systems and Direct Numerical Control Information (DxIC) in CNC machine tool factories can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Below, I outline some key points for research on these topics:

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1. Introduction to CNC Machine Tool Factory

Start by providing an overview of CNC machine tool factories, their importance in modern manufacturing, and the role of CNC machines in production.

The DNC application system of CNC machine tool factory has always been the focus of research in various countries. The earliest DNC ​​systems are the OMNI-CONTROL system developed by Meizhou in 1968 and the COMPUTROI_-45 system developed by Japan in 1970.

At present, the typical foreign DNC systems mainly include the SHOPNET DNC system of the Numericex CAM branch of the American Automation Intelligence Company, the Umnnic, s DNC system configured by the American Duyin Company’s military aircraft branch, and the DNC1 and DNC2 systems of the Japanese FANUC company. However, the realization of DNC control by various manufacturers is not exactly the same.

2. CNC Machine Tools and DNC Systems

  • Explain the basic functioning of CNC machines in manufacturing.
  • Discuss the need for DNC systems in CNC machine tool factories.
  • Highlight the advantages of DNC systems, such as reduced downtime, improved data management, and remote programming.

3. DxIC in CNC Manufacturing

  • Define DxIC (Direct Numerical Control Information) and its significance in CNC machining.
  • Explain how DxIC differs from traditional DNC systems.
  • Discuss how DxIC can enhance real-time control and monitoring of CNC machines.

4. Key Features and Components

  • Describe the essential components and features of a DNC system, including communication protocols, file management, and machine tool interfaces.
  • Explore the specific components and functionalities of DxIC systems.

5. Implementation and Integration

  • Explain the steps involved in implementing DNC and DxIC systems in a CNC machine tool factory.
  • Discuss the challenges and considerations in integrating these systems into existing manufacturing processes.

6. Benefits and Impact:

  • Analyze the tangible benefits of implementing DNC and DxIC systems, such as increased machine utilization, reduced errors, and better data traceability.
  • Quantify the impact on production efficiency and cost savings.

7. Case Studies:

  • Include real-world case studies of CNC machine tool factories that have successfully adopted DNC and DxIC technologies.
  • Highlight the specific improvements achieved in these cases.

8. Security and Data Integrity

China began to carry out research on DNC in the 1970s, and the influential units are Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Chongqing University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute of Automation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Changchun Fifth Fifth Research Institute, etc.

Address the security concerns related to DNC and DxIC systems, including data protection, access control, and cybersecurity measures.

9. Future Trends and Developments

  • Discuss emerging technologies and trends in CNC machining, DNC, and DxIC systems.
  • Explore how AI, IoT, and Industry 4.0 concepts are influencing the future of CNC manufacturing.

10. Conclusion and Recommendations

  • Summarize the key findings of your research.
  • Provide recommendations for CNC machine tool factories considering the adoption of DNC and DxIC systems.

11. References

Include a comprehensive list of sources, research papers, books, and articles that you have consulted during your research.

The DNC system in the United States includes a control computer (mainly a general-purpose computer), a DNC device, a DNC interface, and even a BTR. The CNC machine tool factory system realizes DNC control by controlling the networked computer. The system is also equipped with corresponding application software, including communication software, management and monitoring software, etc. And the DNCT system of Japanese FANUC company completely realizes the bus structure, its DNC is actually a standard plug-in board; all its control computers are FD or F-DMATE. It is a special machine; as long as the user inserts the DNO system into the system bus, the communication between the system and the control computer and the higher-level network can be realized, and the DNC control can be realized.

In the early stage of DNC technology development, the function of CNC machine tool factory is mainly determined by the hardware that constitutes the system. With the development of computer communication technology and network technology, the hardware requirements are basically the same, and a consensus DNC communication interface has been formed. commoditized products. Now the functions and features of DNC are mainly extended by software.

As a result of the competition, DNC has become more and more abundant and powerful, and its use has become more and more convenient and easy, such as Spec-trum CNC Techn in the United States. Logies’ Muh’i-DNC system based on Windows95.98/NT, CNC machine tool factory DNC-W. rk’s eXtreme DNC software, UK Hitachi Seiki Sysiems’ Net-w. rked DNC software, Japan’s FANUC company’s DNC2 system, X-DNC of Taiwan Yongjia Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Most of these DNC software can be connected to LAN or UNIX system through the TCP./IP protocol supported by to realize CNC program, 12 art parameters and other data Up/Down transfer; status collection (including fault information, tool information) and display; Nc program editing (including graphic simulation and comparison, etc.); production scheduling and monitoring; unit control and centralized management (including production orders, equipment, _T tools) , materials, T art files, NC programs, data backup, quality and other data management); personnel classification authority; event log; remote control (including remote access) and integration with CAD/CAM/CAPP/CMIS and other functions.

The research on I) Nc application software in China is also very active, and there are some influential ones: “DNC communication system based on soft plug-in technology” developed by Chongqing University; “National CIMS/F, RC” jointly completed by Tsinghua University and Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute 2.2.1 and 3.1 DNCs developed by Xi’an Jiaotong University and Xi’an Shuntong Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. , system”, and other “DNC system based on COBBA” developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University, “DNC of heterogeneous CNC tumbler bed” developed by Sichuan University, “Multi-energy DNC” developed by Beijing Dongfang Jiazhi Electromechanical Technology Development Center, etc. Some research results have been achieved.

When conducting this research, consider collaborating with experts in the field, conducting surveys or interviews with professionals from CNC machine tool factories, and staying updated with the latest advancements in DNC and DxIC technologies. Additionally, you may want to explore specific software solutions and vendors that offer DNC and DxIC systems tailored to CNC manufacturing.

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