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Research On The Influence Of Hydrogen On The Strength Of Steel

As we all know, the hydrogen in the material will be trapped at various trap positions (dislocations, grain boundaries, precipitates and inclusions, etc.). The heating analysis method is a very important analysis method, which can quantitatively separate and determine the hydrogen trapped at these trap positions. The previous analysis methods include electrochemical hydrogen transmission method, glycerin method and melting method, etc., but they cannot separate and detect the trapped hydrogen.

  The influence of various capture positions can be grasped by the heating analysis method. Its influence includes the influence of dislocation increase after cold working, the influence of grain size, the influence of precipitates, the influence of residual and the precipitation of hydrogen after drying. In recent years, as research that can grasp the formation of lattice vacancies, research on new formation mechanisms has begun.

Research on the influence of hydrogen on the strength of steel

However, the amount of diffusible hydrogen and delayed fracture characteristics are not related to each other. The relationship between the two is based on the comparison of the critical diffusible hydrogen amount (Hc), which is an inherent ability in steel, and the amount of diffusible hydrogen (He) infiltrated from the environment. Study the method of judgment.

   While quantifying hydrogen, it is an important issue to visualize where the hydrogen exists. As its means, there are tritium electrophotographic autoradiography, tritium roentgen radiography, secondary ion mass analysis, scanning photoelectron chemical microscopy, and hydrogen microscopy. Among them, hydrogen photomicrography has high sensitivity and resolution in principle, so special equipment is required.

   In the case where the infiltrated hydrogen affects delayed fracture, even if it is the same steel material (infiltrated from the environment), the infiltrated hydrogen will vary depending on the environment, and the resulting delayed fracture characteristics will also change.

The delayed fracture characteristics of various 1100MPa grade steels under different environments were investigated. The harsher the environment, the worse the delayed fracture characteristics of boron steel, but the delayed fracture characteristics of SCM345 increase instead. As a result, it can be seen that due to the difference of the environment, the evaluation of delayed fracture characteristics will be reversed.

The fracture evaluation of bolts produced with the same steel grade after actual bare use is consistent with the evaluation after the use test in a moderate environment. This is also consistent with the recent research reports of the Institute of Architecture and the Research Institute of Material Materials. This implies that in the development of new materials such as high-strength steel, the environment for the delayed fracture test must also be well considered.



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