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Sintering Method Of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Sintering Method Of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

PCSN2000 – Hot Press

HPSN is produced by uniaxial pressing of silicon nitride powder and sintering additives with simultaneous heating. This process requires special types of presses and dies. It produces silicon nitride with excellent mechanical properties. However, only simple shapes can be produced. Since green machining of hot-pressed parts is not possible, diamond grinding is the only way to create complex geometries. Due to the high costs and difficulties associated with diamond grinding and hot pressing, its use is generally limited to the production of simple parts in small batches.

PCSN3000 – Hot Isostatic Pressing

This method consolidates silicon nitride powder by using high pressure and high temperature. The silicon nitride body with closed pores is isostatically pressed (uniform pressure on all sides) by inert gas at pressures up to 2000 bar while heating the chamber. This process effectively squeezes out any pores/defects from the material upon sintering and brings the density closer to theoretical. Mechanical properties and reliability are improved, however, it is an expensive process and is usually only used when there is no choice.

PCSN1000 – Gas Overpressure Sintering

This is the most popular method for producing high strength and complex geometry silicon nitride parts. The GPSN process uses silicon nitride powders that have been mixed with sintering aids to promote liquid phase sintering (usually yttria, magnesia, and/or alumina) and binders to increase the mechanical strength of the green ceramic body. The powder is pressed into the desired shape and then green processed. The compacts are then placed in a furnace with a pressurized nitrogen atmosphere to aid in densification and prevent evaporation/decomposition of silicon, nitrogen and additives.

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