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The Advantages And Application Fields Of Carbon Fiber Winding

Composite materials have excellent characteristics such as high strength, high modulus, high stiffness, excellent vibration damping, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in the fields of national defense science and technology and civil engineering. The content of composite materials has become one of the important indicators for evaluating the performance of aerospace vehicles. Among the production technologies of resin-based composite materials, fiber winding technology is the earliest developed and most widely used china CNC Machining technology, and it is also one of the most important production technologies.

The Advantages And Application Fields Of Carbon Fiber Winding

As a molding technology, fiber winding technology uses the relative movement between the filament nozzle and the mold to wrap yarn bundles around the mold according to certain rules to make composite components.Winding is the winding of fiber bundles around a rotating mandrel.

Many variations of this process have been developed, including in-line impregnation, prepreg winding, and thermoplastic winding . Since the fibers are tensioned during sintering, the fibers can only take the shortest path . This limits the orientation of the fibers, for example, the fibers will always slip off when a cone is hoop-wound because the shortest line curvature is not zero.

The fiber winding process is to wrap continuous fibers or cloth tapes impregnated with resin glue around the core mold according to certain rules, and then solidify and demould. The molding process of fiber-wound composite materials is currently the most widely used molding process with the highest efficiency and the best molding effect. Its product performance is uniform and stable. It is also the earliest developed and widely used technology. The fiber winding molding process refers to immersing fiber yarn pieces in resin glue under the action of fiber tension, and by controlling the relative movement between the filament nozzle and the core mold making, the fiber is wound around the core mold: according to a certain arrangement rule Molding technology for making composite parts.

According to the different physical and chemical states of the resin matrix during fiber winding molding, the fiber winding molding process is divided into three types: dry method, wet method and semi-dry method.

Dry Winding Forming Process

The dry winding molding process refers to heating the continuous fiber roving to impregnate the resin, removing the solvent at a certain temperature, and causing the resin glue to react to a certain extent to form a prepreg tape, which is then arranged on the mold according to certain rules and methods. . The dry winding molding process has the advantages of environmental protection, easy use and high winding efficiency, but its cost is relatively high, the winding equipment is relatively expensive, the cost of prepreg is several times that of ordinary fibers, and the temperature, winding rate and winding tension during molding All have a great impact on the performance of the product, so the process is relatively difficult. The dry winding forming process is usually used in areas with high product performance requirements, such as the aerospace industry.

Wet Winding Molding Process

The wet winding molding process refers to a method in which continuous fiber filaments or fiber cloth are immersed in resin through a glue storage tank, and are directly wound on the mold under the guidance of the filament nozzle, and then solidified and formed.

This method is widely used, has low requirements on winding equipment and materials, and is suitable for the production of most winding products. Wet winding is affected by unstable factors such as tension, winding speed, and degree of resin impregnation during the molding process, so the quality of the winding products is difficult to guarantee. Compared with the dry winding molding process, the stability of wet winding fibers on the mold is poor, so controlling the stability of the wet winding process is a prerequisite to ensure smooth winding.

Semi-Dry Winding Forming Process

The semi-dry winding forming process is a winding method between dry and wet methods. Like the dry winding forming process, the fibers need to be impregnated in advance and then reacted to a certain extent. Each winding forming method has its applicable conditions. Among these three winding methods, the wet winding forming process is the most common application, and the dry winding forming process is only used in high-performance, high-precision cutting-edge technology.

There are three main winding methods: circumferential winding, spiral winding and plane winding.

Advantages Of Fiber Winding Molding

  • High accuracy. Among various composite material molding processes, the fiber placement accuracy during fiber winding molding is the highest. Especially after equipped with a precision tension control system, the accuracy of winding products has reached a high level.
  • High productivity. Due to the mechanization, automation and high-speed characteristics of fiber winding processing equipment, its productivity is greatly improved and facilitates mass production.
  • Can form huge structures. For example, winding high-pressure tanks (used for heating and curing winding components with higher strength requirements), and huge structures can be formed on site, thus saving transportation costs, which is unmatched by other molding methods.
  • High strength. Fiber-wound composites have a high fiber content (up to 80%), so the fibers are in tension during the winding process, applying positive pressure to the mandrel or lower fibers, reducing the number of winding components or even the need for placement. It is heated and pressured in an autoclave to solidify it and make it stronger.
  • Light weight. The mass of fiberglass pressure vessels is lighter than that of metal pressure vessels of the same volume.
  • Overall forming. It can be wrapped in fibers together with other components, reducing the assembly and connection processes often encountered with other methods and improving the fatigue resistance of the structure.

Disadvantages Of Winding Molding

  • The adaptability of winding molding is small. Not any structural product can be wound, especially products with concave surfaces, because during the winding process, the fibers cannot be close to the surface of the core mold, otherwise they will be lifted up.
  • Wire-winding molding requires winding machines, core molds, curing ovens, demoulding machines and skilled technical workers. This requires a lot of investment and technology, so only in mass production can costs be reduced and greater economic benefits achieved. .

Characteristics Of Filament Winding Molding

Since the fibers are wound after tensioning, the fiber content in the product is high, up to 80%. Its specific strength is higher than that of Chin alloy.resulting in product strength.By changing the fiber direction, products with the same and different strengths in each direction can be obtained, which is convenient to ensure the stability of product quality.fantasyProducts with smooth inner surface and good quality can be obtained.  

This method has high production efficiency and is suitable for mass production. The disadvantage is that the strength direction of the product is relatively obvious, the interlaminar shear strength is low, and the performance requirements of the machining equipment are relatively high.  

Although winding is well suited for gyroscopic structures, many complex shapes can be produced, including I-beams, shells, wings, and more. But this requires special process steps and causes thickness non-uniformity when wrapping tapered parts. Core removal is another problem, which has led to many creative solutions. Including breakable molds, soluble molds and removable molds, etc. Parts are usually cured in an oven so the porosity is high and the surface finish is poor. Heat shrink wrapping or pressure during the curing process can be used. To solve this problem to some extent, winding is widely used in the manufacture of rocket hoods, tubes, pressure vessels or similar shaped products, and is one of the most productive manufacturing technologies in advanced composite materials.  

In addition, in the defense industry, it can be used to micro manufacture missile casings, rocket motor casings, gun barrels, etc. Most of these products are reinforced with high-performance fibers, and the resin matrix is ​​mostly epoxy resin. In the civilian industry, the cheap alkali-free glass roving is used, the base resin is unsaturated polyester instead of epoxy resin, and the winding equipment is simplified to facilitate high-speed production.

Especially in the domestic anti-corrosion field, this molding method is mainly used to produce pipes, containers, storage tanks and other products, which can be used in oil fields, oil refineries and chemical plants.


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