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The Advantages Of Silicon Nitride Ceramic Nozzles

The Advantages Of Silicon Nitride Ceramic Nozzles

There are many uses of silicon nitride ceramics, and the production of porcelain nozzles is one of them. So, what are the advantages of silicon nitride ceramic nozzles?

In fact, the porcelain nozzle is also called a ceramic rivet, just like a capillary. As a welding needle of a bonding machine, the porcelain nozzle is suitable for the welding of diodes, triodes, thyristors, LEDs, surface acoustic waves, IC chips and other circuits. Using ceramics as a cleaver has high hardness, high specific gravity, fine grains, high surface finish and high dimensional accuracy.

The purpose of the ceramic nozzle is to guide the shielding gas, and the size of the ceramic nozzle is closely related to the shape of the appearance of the weld. The size of the porcelain nozzle depends on the width of the weld seam and the width of the molten pool. The larger the width of the molten pool, the greater the protection range required, so the larger the porcelain nozzle is required. The melting electrode argon arc welding wire is fed through the wire wheel, the contact tip conducts electricity, an arc is generated between the base metal and the welding wire, the welding wire and the base metal are melted, and the arc and the molten metal are protected by inert gas argon for welding. In welding, the larger the nozzle model, the better the corresponding shielding gas, and the higher the welding forming coefficient. At the same time, the original color of the welding can be guaranteed.

Silicon nitride is very strong, especially hot-pressed silicon nitride, which is one of the hardest substances in the world. It is extremely resistant to high temperature, and its strength can be maintained to a high temperature of 1200 ° C without falling. Moreover, silicon nitride has amazing chemical corrosion resistance, can resist almost all inorganic acids and caustic soda solutions below 30%, and can also resist the corrosion of many organic acids; at the same time, it is a high-performance electrical insulating material. Therefore, the ceramic nozzle made of silicon nitride ceramics has all the excellent properties of silicon nitride. Compared with ceramic ceramic nozzles of other materials, these excellent properties are its advantages.

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