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The Application Of Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium alloys have a wide range of applications due to the unique advantages described above. With the continuous improvement of the industry’s recognition of magnesium alloys, as well as the advancement of smelting technology and magnesium alloy machining technology, more and more products made of magnesium alloys will be made, and their application areas will also continue to expand. Now for the following Industries are introduced separately.

The Application Of Magnesium Alloy

The Application In The Automobile Industry 

Magnesium alloy is more in line with the requirements of automobile use because of its superior comprehensive performance than ordinary metal structural materials. With the development of the automobile industry, the number of automobiles has increased, and energy consumption and exhaust emissions have increased correspondingly, which has caused a serious impact on the environment. The heavier the car, the more energy it consumes, and the corresponding increase in exhaust emissions. In order to reduce exhaust emissions and realize energy saving and emission reduction, it is an important way to realize the lightweight of vehicles. Magnesium alloys have good specific properties and achieve the same rigidity and strength. Parts made of magnesium alloys are much lighter than parts made of other metal materials. At the same time, magnesium alloys have better vibration damping properties, so magnesium alloys are used in automobiles. It has become a trend to replace other materials to achieve lightweight vehicles. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the application of magnesium alloys in the automobile industry in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan has shown a sustained growth momentum. In 1991, the global automobile used 25,000 tons of magnesium alloy, in 1995 it was 56,000 tons, and in 2000, the use reached 145,000 tons, accounting for 80% of magnesium alloy die castings. Magnesium alloy materials have been widely used. This trend is now moving in a broader direction. At present, the application of magnesium alloys in the automotive industry has entered a new stage. However, due to the immature industrial production technology, the existence of problems such as poor plastic workability and easy corrosion still limits the application of magnesium alloys in the automotive industry to a certain extent. Applications.

The Application In Aerospace And Military Industry

The aerospace industry and modern military are high-tech fields in the new century. Lightweight and the integration of load-bearing and function is an important direction for the development of aviation materials. Under extreme aviation conditions, more stringent requirements are put forward for the performance of aviation materials. The low density of magnesium alloy is the leading factor that promotes its use in aerospace, and it is also the most favorable factor. At present, it has successfully developed magnesium alloy materials for civil and military aircraft engine parts, gearboxes, propellers, and some structural parts on rockets, missiles and satellites. 

In the military industry, magnesium alloys have effectively improved the performance of weapons because they cater to the characteristics of military products for structural materials such as light weight, easy portability, and superior comprehensive performance. In addition, the application of magnesium alloys in military products is also manifested in parts such as flares, armor-piercing bullets, and the skins and cabins of some tactical missiles.

The Application In 3C Products

With the rapid development of the modern audio-visual computer communication industry and the advancement of digital technology, electronic products are developing towards the trend of lightness, thinness and smallness, which puts forward higher and higher requirements on the housing of electronic equipment. The application of magnesium alloys in electronic equipment is increasing at a rate of 25% every year due to the advantages of light weight, good specific performance, and good thin-wall castability, as well as good thermal conductivity, vibration damping, and recyclability.

The Application In Other Fields

Magnesium is also a very good alloy addition element. Adding magnesium to many metals can significantly improve the properties of the alloy. For example, adding magnesium to aluminum alloys, zinc alloys and other metals can improve the corrosion resistance and strength of these alloys. At the same time, magnesium alloys are increasingly used in office supplies, sports equipment, and home furnishings due to their light weight, easy recycling and other characteristics. With the development of magnesium alloy industry technology, the application of magnesium alloys in all walks of life will certainly show broad prospects.

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