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The Molding Process Of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle

Compared with metal materials, carbon fiber composite materials can play a huge role in the automobile manufacturing industry by utilizing their many advantages. Carbon fiber composite materials have low-density and high-strength properties and are used in vehicle bodies and chassis. They can reduce vehicle weight without losing strength and stiffness, ensuring the vehicle’s safety index. Strong toughness determines its high impact resistance and energy absorption capabilities, which can improve the collision safety performance of vehicles.

Among various materials used in automobile manufacturing, carbon fiber composite materials are the lightest. Especially compared with metal materials such as steel, carbon fiber composite materials have a greater advantage in weight. Carbon fiber composite materials are used in body, chassis and force-bearing parts, which can not only reduce the weight of the car, but also ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Carbon fiber is a new type of composite material with low density, high specific strength, high specific modulus, small thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, shock resistance and strong designability.

Nowadays, some well-known motorcycle manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Japan have invested huge human, material and financial resources in the research of new forms and rapid prototype motorcycles, and carbon fiber has been widely used. So what is the molding process of carbon fiber motorcycles?  

Pasting Molding Process

The prepreg is pasted on the mold by hand and then cured to form. The biggest advantage of this method is that the process equipment is simple, the more complex operations can be completed manually, and complex parts can be manufactured, but the labor consumption is large, the size of the product is difficult to control, and the efficiency is low.  

Filament Winding Molding Process

After pre-impregnating the carbon fiber with resin, it is wound on the core mold according to a certain rule and cured. It is the earliest continuous molding process developed, with a high degree of mechanization and a short production cycle, and can arrange fibers according to a specific law according to the direction of the force of the product.  

Pultrusion Process

After carbon fiber is impregnated with resin, it is placed in a heating mold and cured, which can press products with complex shapes at one time, but the molding equipment is also more complicated.  

Resin Transfer Molding Process

Now a very popular process, the carbon fiber preform is put into a closed mold and cured by hot pressing. The process is simple, the environment is clean, and automation is easy to achieve. The molding process of carbon fiber motorcycle is mainly the above, and its selection depends on the shape, physical performance requirements and use of the product.

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