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The Popular Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Rollers And Their Interpretation

As an important product of carbon fiber products, carbon fiber rollers have been used in many industries, such as textiles, printing, lithium batteries, automobiles, etc., and have successfully banned metal rollers, making the performance of the equipment better. There is a strong demand for carbon fiber rollers in the market. What is the reason? What are the advantages of carbon fiber rollers? The editor of the Be-cu prototype will tell you about it in this article.The reason why carbon fiber rollers are so popular is that carbon fiber rollers can greatly improve the overall performance of machinery and equipment after replacing metal rollers, which has great advantages both in terms of technology and production.

The Popular Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Rollers And Their Interpretation

1. Significant Weight Reduction And Low Energy Consumption

For equipment using carbon fiber rollers, because the weight is much lower, the entire roller needs less energy consumption when starting and stopping. In addition, under the effect of weight reduction, the self-weight of the carbon fiber roller is low, and the stop and start can be completed in time during the operation of the equipment. Under the effect of weight reduction, the carbon fiber roller runs faster, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of the equipment, which can greatly improve the overall performance of the equipment.

2. The Width Of The Roller Is Larger

For example, in the case of textile equipment, the width of the spinning equipment is an important factor affecting the product. Compared with the traditional metal roller, the current roller is lighter in weight. The higher the strength, the larger the width of the roller can be produced. Under the influence of the length, the quality is not too heavy, and the deformation is not easy, which can better control the spinning equipment. Including on the printing equipment, the larger and wider rollers can also be used for larger prints. The longest roller of the Be-cu prototype can also be as long as four meters five. No deformation will occur on the application.

3. Long Service Life

In the application of equipment, the equipment will always have a sudden failure. Once the failure occurs, it will cause the roller to have an impact force. The traditional metal roller has a light weight, and the inertia is very large. One is that there are more instantaneous deformations. The carbon fiber roller has strong bending performance. In the case of impact force, it can disperse the force and crack, and quickly restore the original situation without causing maintenance. Another is that there are many chemicals on 3D printing and textiles, which will cause corrosion to the metal roller surface. The carbon fiber roller surface has strong corrosion resistance and greatly enhanced service life.

4. The Dynamic Balance Is Stable

Because of the high strength of the carbon fiber tube, first of all, its own bending and deformation are not easy to occur, then it is more stable during dynamic balance, and then it is not easy to have pits, etc., so the actual reason is that carbon fiber The dynamic balance of the roller is very good. Compared with the metal roller, it still has a very good dynamic balance performance in long-term use.

These are the reasons why carbon fiber rollers are so popular.

Carbon Fiber Roller Advantages and Benefits

The advantages of carbon fiber rollers are actually the content of the above advantages. It is precisely because of these advantages that carbon fiber rollers have better advantages than metal rollers, which is also an important reason for their popularity.

  • Light weight, carbon fiber roll is produced by carbon fiber prepreg, and the entire material density is 1.6g/cm3. Compared with metal materials, the quality of carbon fiber roll is very light. Compared with many metal rolls, it can reduce It weighs 40%-80%, which is very good to achieve the effect of light weight, which is also an important reason for the popular advantages mentioned above.
  • High strength, in addition to light weight, carbon fiber also has very high strength, very high tensile strength, which can reach more than three times that of steel, and combined with density, the specific modulus is very, very high, which is beyond the reach of traditional metals. Therefore, it has become a representative material of high strength, which also allows more scenarios and fields of application of carbon fiber rollers.
  • High bending resistance. Although carbon fiber composite materials are brittle materials, the bending resistance of carbon fiber is very high, and the performance in specific strength is also very high, which leads to the application of carbon fiber rollers. Better width.
  • Good dynamic balance, the carbon fiber roller has a good dynamic balance, then under high-speed operation, if there is bending vibration, the carbon fiber roller can also have a good shock absorption effect, maintain the performance of high-speed operation, and also improve Good protection against damage to the device.

These are the interpretations of the advantages of carbon fiber rollers. The carbon fiber rollers with great advantages have successfully banned the metal rollers. The Be-cu prototype can be said to be a high-quality enterprise of carbon fiber rollers. It has ten years of production and CNC machining experience. Carbon fiber rollers, including the production and machining of carbon fiber sheets, pipes, and special-shaped products, have strict quality requirements. The forming equipment and machining machines are also perfect. It can complete the production of various types of carbon fiber products and better satisfy customers. Welcome Everyone come to consult.


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