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Three Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

The drive shaft is a high-speed, less-supported rotating body, and is an important part of the drive train to transmit power. With the improvement of the requirements for the drive shaft, the material for making the drive shaft is also changed from traditional metal materials to carbon fiber composite materials.

In this paper, we Find out what the benefits of carbon fiber driveshafts are.   First of all, in terms of strength, although carbon fiber is a kind of fiber material, the strength of its products after molding is better than that of most structural materials, especially with excellent bending strength, which can withstand greater than metal drive shafts. At the same time, the tensile strength of carbon fiber material is several times that of steel, and the shear strength is also better than that of most structural materials to meet the needs of use strength.  

Carbon fiber is an excellent weight-saving material, its density is only 1.7g/cm3, and the densities of common structural materials aluminum and steel are 2.7g/cm3 and 7.85g/cm3 respectively. It is beneficial to realize the lightweight of the structure, and when the body structure is lightweight, it is also beneficial to realize the energy saving and emission reduction of the automobile.  

The critical speed refers to the speed at which the rotor vibrates strongly. Generally, when the rotor runs at the critical speed, severe vibration will occur, and the bending degree of the shaft will increase significantly. Long-term operation will cause serious deformation or even breakage of the shaft. The drive shaft made of carbon fiber The critical speed is high, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of such problems.  

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