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What Are The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Products In Medical Devices?

As a constituent raw material that is widely used today and has excellent performance, carbon fiber can indeed play a very good application advantage and is widely used in the field of medical device manufacturing. The primary function of carbon fiber is to enhance the composition between the raw material and the resin, which can make the overall strength of the raw material more standardized. Therefore, carbon fiber medical devices have attracted a lot of attention today. Let’s introduce them to everyone.


With the continuous development of medical technology, China’s application of medical equipment has gradually become more innovative and developed, and medical equipment will gradually develop in a more sophisticated and technical direction. Strict regulations, the main reason why carbon fiber can be used in the field of medical devices is that it is light in weight, high in strength, very strong in corrosion resistance, and has a very high radiation transmittance.

It is precisely because these characteristics of carbon fiber materials can play stronger advantages in medical equipment that their application in medical equipment is becoming more and more common. Nowadays, more and more medical equipment manufacturers will consider The primary purpose of using carbon fiber materials for production and manufacturing is to better improve the performance of medical device products, and to maximize the actual effect of medical devices. Long service life.

Be-cu Prototype is a company specializing in professional carbon fiber research and development and customization. Many of its customers are in the medical industry. Be-cu Prototype has also accumulated sufficient experience in the custom production and manufacturing of carbon fiber medical devices. Customized carbon fiber medical equipment such as carbon fiber external fixation brackets, aiming rods, carbon fiber medical bed boards, and carbon fiber head rests.

Take the carbon fiber medical board produced by Be-cu prototype as an example. According to customer feedback and inspection, the X-ray of the medical board has an aluminum equivalent of less than 1.0mmAL, and the board surface is flat and smooth, which can perfectly replace the traditional aluminum alloy board.

Because the radiation pass rate of carbon fiber materials is higher than that of ordinary raw materials, the actual effect is very good , the strength advantage is very obvious, and these raw materials are also used in radiotherapy positioning frames and load-bearing interference parts.

These are the advantages of carbon fiber products in medical devices. Customers who need carbon fiber products are welcome to come and consult. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. has ten years of rich experience in the carbon fiber field. It is engaged in the production and machining of carbon fiber products. It has complete molding equipment and perfect machining machines, and can complete various types of carbon fiber products. Production, customized production according to drawings.


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