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What Are The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Robotic Arms?

The birth of industrial robots can solve many tasks that are difficult to complete manually and free workers from boring repetitive actions.If you want the robot to work without any problems, you need to have high requirements for load-bearing capacity and operating cnc machining accuracy during design.The introduction of carbon fiber composite materials can solve many of this problem.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of carbon fiber robot arms.

With the development of science and technology, some robots have been applied to industrial production, which can replace human beings in heavy and single work and reduce the labor intensity of human beings.

The robotic arm is the main part of the work, and now the carbon fiber robotic arm is favored by the application. The editor of the Be-cu prototype in this article will introduce the advantages of the carbon fiber robotic arm.  

First of all, the robot arm needs to carry the main weight in the working process, so the robot arm cannot be broken and deformed when it is under load, so the material of production should be made of high-strength materials. The tensile strength of carbon fiber composite materials can reach 3000MPa or more. The comprehensive index of specific strength and specific modulus is better than existing structural materials, and can effectively meet the needs of use strength.

The reduction of the self-weight of the robotic arm will make the operation more convenient. The density of the carbon fiber composite material is only 1.7g/cm3, which is less than 1/4 of that of steel. Moreover, the carbon fiber composite material also has the properties of energy absorption and vibration resistance, which can ensure the operation process. stability in .

Do you know the 4 advantages of carbon fiber robotic arms?

Light weight: low energy consumption and high production efficiency

The robotic arm is driven by electric energy. If you want to save energy, the dead weight of the robotic arm must not be too large, and the dead weight and inertia of the robotic arm should be small, making it easier to operate. If you want to improve the efficiency of the robot arm, you naturally have to work hard on the materials used. The density of carbon fiber composite materials is only 1/3 of steel and 30% lighter than aluminum alloy. Such huge advantages make carbon fiber robotic arms possible.

High strength: multiple loads and diversified functions

The advantage of lightweight robotic arms cannot exist alone, because lightness alone is not sufficient; it also needs to be strong so that it can carry more loads. The tensile strength of a robotic arm made of better-grade carbon fiber composite materials can reach more than 3500MPa, which is 7-9 times that of steel, and can carry a much higher weight than steel and aluminum alloys. Take a carbon fiber robot arm once produced by Wuxi Zhishang New Materials as an example. The arm thickness is only 5MM and the diameter is 18cm, but it can carry up to more than 100 kilograms of instruments and equipment. This high load-bearing performance gives the robot diversification. Possibility of functional direction development.

Small creep: high precision and strong adaptability

When the robotic arm works for a long time, it may deform, which is also a problem often encountered by traditional steel or aluminum robotic arms. To overcome this problem, we still have to find a way from the raw materials. The carbon fiber robotic arm has good creep resistance, barely produces any deformation when faced with thermal expansion, and works stably in environments with large temperature differences. For industrial workshops in severe cold, hot and other weather conditions, carbon fiber robotic arms are a good choice.

Fatigue resistance: long life, low cost of use

There are requirements for the working environment of the robot arm. Otherwise, the robot arm will have already begun to age and be damaged before the working time is long. At this point, carbon fiber composite materials have better fatigue resistance, coupled with certain impact resistance and acid and alkali aging resistance, making the use of carbon fiber robotic arms more convenient, not only saving the cost of later replacement, but also reducing Difficulty of routine maintenance.

These four advantages of carbon fiber robotic arms are beyond the reach of steel and aluminum robotic arms. The birth of new materials has given rise to new options for industrial production. This is the power of technology.

The mechanical arm needs to adapt to a variety of different working environments, so certain requirements are also placed on the material, especially for the operation accuracy of the mechanical arm. The thermal expansion coefficient of the carbon fiber composite material is very small, which basically does not change with the working temperature.

The change of the mechanical arm will cause deformation and the size will be stable, and some metal materials will have corresponding creep, which will have a certain impact on the operation accuracy of the robot arm.  

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