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What Are The Difficulties In Machining Aluminum Silicon Carbide

From the current point of view, the most commonly used machining methods are mainly to use CNC machine tools with PCD tools for machining. Generally, the more qualified machining manufacturers will basically choose ultrasonic spindles for auxiliary machining.

The Difficulties In Machining Aluminum Silicon Carbide

The machining efficiency is also relatively high. Aluminum-based silicon carbide also has several advantages such as good heat dissipation performance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, light weight, low thermal expansion coefficient and its low machining cost. Be-Cu Ceramics has developed a comprehensive machining process, which has obvious advantages over traditional CNC machining and ultrasonic machining.

This machining technology is mainly a comprehensive way of using a variety of different types of tools, a variety of cutting tool paths and a combination of several machining machine tools.

In recent years, the development of aluminum silicon carbide has also been rapidly improved. Aluminum silicon carbide is a kind of non-oxide ceramic raw material with good performance. It has high hardness, high strength, high cost performance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, low thermal expansion coefficient and its low machining cost. These excellent characteristics are widely used as particle reinforcements to prepare metal matrix composites.

For this Pintejin Ceramics adopts a new fixing method of aluminum-based silicon carbide composite material, this method can directly test the pressure system, and the perfect value of the cnc fixing system, which can make the workpiece and the grinding disc reach the best state, and As for aluminum silicon carbide grinding, it will not suffer excessive grinding force and cause workpiece breakage. In this way, the quality of the product can be effectively improved, and it is not so easy to be broken during the machining.

Aluminum silicon carbide is one of the main directions of scientific and technological development. At present, aluminum silicon carbide is also the development and application of new materials. The research of new materials is our human beings’ understanding and application of material properties to a deeper level. The reason why the aluminum silicon carbide composite material is processed in this way is mainly because its hardness is too high and its strength is high. Therefore, it is difficult to process with general machining equipment.

For this reason, I will share with you the difficulties of aluminum silicon carbide machining here. I hope that the above content can bring you more help. Pintejin Ceramics is a machining manufacturer specializing in machining aluminum silicon carbide. It is also very experienced. At the same time, it has established its own research team.

The company also has good R&D and transformation capabilities. In product design, delivery quality and delivery capacity It has accumulated a good reputation in the industry. As a result, it has also received high praise and attention from many customers, and now our products are also widely used in various industries.

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