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What Are The Excellent Properties Of Alumina Ceramics

What are the excellent properties of alumina ceramics

Alumina ceramics is a material with alumina (AL2O3) as the main body, which is used in thick film integrated circuits. Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance.

It should be noted that ultrasonic cleaning is required. Alumina ceramics are a versatile ceramic. Because of the superior performance of alumina ceramics, the application in modern society has become more and more extensive, meeting the needs of daily use and special performance. In the process of machining ceramics, edge chipping is easy to occur.This is a problem that all machining factories will face.

How To Solve This Problem?

Be-Cu ceramics has three methods of materials, which effectively solve the problem here. The first is to leave some expectations when making the hole, and then grind the remaining material with a grinder when creating a certain depth.

The second is to change the tool with a smaller diameter during machining, using a spiral down The knife is ground layer by layer, but this method requires the tool to go down at a relatively slow speed, in other words, the efficiency is low, and the advantage is that the inner wall of the hole is smooth and not rough; first use a tool with a smaller diameter to punch a hole, then On the basis of the hole that has been drilled, it is enough to expand to a suitable size. The disadvantage of this method is that there will be lines on the inner wall of the hole.

Alumina Ceramics Are Divided Into Two Types: High-Purity Type And Ordinary Type.

  • High-purity alumina ceramics are ceramic materials with an Al2O3 content of more than 99.9%. Because their sintering temperature is as high as 1650-1990 °C and the transmission wavelength is 1~6 μm, they are generally made into molten glass to replace platinum crucibles: using its Light transmittance and alkali metal corrosion resistance are used as sodium lamps; in the electronics industry, they can be used as integrated circuit substrates and high-frequency insulating materials.
  • Ordinary alumina ceramics are divided into 99 ceramics, 95 ceramics, 90 ceramics, 85 ceramics and other varieties according to the content of Al2O3. Sometimes those with Al2O3 content of 80% or 75% are also classified as ordinary alumina ceramics. Among them, 99 alumina ceramic materials are used to make high-temperature crucibles, refractory furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and water valve plates; 95 alumina ceramics are mainly used for corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts; 85 ceramics Because part of talc is often mixed into it, the electrical properties and mechanical strength are improved, and it can be sealed with metals such as molybdenum, niobium, and tantalum, and some are used as electric vacuum devices.

Then I will share with you the characteristics and classification of alumina ceramics.Be-Cu Ceramics is a professional supplier of precision ceramics products, with a complete set of precision ceramics product development, molding, sintering, machining and testing. The ability to produce various precision ceramic products can be customized according to customer needs according to drawings and samples.

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