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What Are The Main Sintering Methods Of Zirconia Ceramics

What Are The Main Sintering Methods Of Zirconia Ceramics

Nowadays, the development of science and technology in my country is getting better and better, and zirconia ceramics are also widely used in all walks of life. The main characteristics of zirconia ceramics are high strength, high fracture toughness, high hardness and high density, stability, resistance High temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. And the excellent properties of zirconia ceramics have a lot to do with its molding method, so what are the main sintering methods of zirconia ceramics, the following is a detailed analysis of Pintejin ceramics, a professional manufacturer of special ceramics And special ceramic machining manufacturers. The company has its own professional and technical team, and has established a close industry-university-research cooperation relationship with a number of scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. Pintejin Ceramics has been committed to the technology development, product design and manufacturing and on-site construction of special ceramic materials all the year round, ensuring to provide users with high-quality special ceramic anti-corrosion materials and engineering services. Contact Pintejin Ceramics Tel: +86 769 82886112.

Activated hot pressing sintering of zirconia ceramics

Activated hot pressing sintering of zirconia ceramics refers to a new process developed on the basis of activated sintering. This is mainly to use the reactants to have a higher energy activation state during the decomposition reaction or phase transition to carry out hot pressing treatment of zirconia ceramics, which can be performed at lower temperature, lower pressure, and shorter time. Obtain high-density ceramic material, which is a high-efficiency hot pressing technology.

Electric field sintering of zirconia ceramics

Zirconia ceramic electric field sintering The ceramic body is sintered under the action of a DC electric field. Some ferroelectric ceramics with a high Curie point, such as lithium niobate ceramics, apply a DC field to both ends of the body at the sintering temperature, and wait for cooling. When the electric field is removed below the Curie point of 1210°C, a piezoelectric ceramic sample can be obtained.

Ultra-high pressure sintering of zirconia ceramics

Ultra-high pressure sintering of zirconia ceramics, that is, sintering at a pressure of hundreds of thousands of atmospheres or more, not only can make zirconia ceramic materials quickly reach high density, but also have fine grains (less than 1um), and make the electronic state of the crystal structure occur. Changes, the atomic state can also change, thereby giving the material properties that cannot be achieved under the usual sintering or hot pressing sintering process. And it can also synthesize a new type of artificial minerals.

The above is the analysis of the main sintering methods of zirconia ceramics introduced by Xiaobian. Because zirconia ceramics itself has excellent performance, it is widely used in ultra-fine grinding equipment, fine chemicals, semiconductors, electronic pastes , new energy, sensitive ceramics, electronic communications, petrochemical, aerospace and other high-end fields, Pintejin ceramics has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment and rich machining experience. At present, it has a number of precision CNC equipment, precision machine tools, and various leading machining techniques and machining tools, and is equipped with various precision testing instruments to ensure product quality and accuracy. Welcome everyone to come to order and consult Pintejin Ceramics online: +86 769 82886112.

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