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What To Pay Attention To When Using Carbon Fiber Viscose

What To Pay Attention To When Using Carbon Fiber Viscose

Use Carbon Fiber Viscose has many advantages. First of all, its method is simple, and large-scale machinery is not required. Just prepare carbon fiber cloth, resin adhesive, reducer, sandpaper and other materials. The construction time is short, the cost is low, and it is much cheaper than other reinforcement methods. The reinforced building is almost the same as the original one, and there is no difference. There are some precautions when using adhesives, the following editor will take you to understand.Carbon fiber glue is a very common product in our lives. Because this product can be widely used in construction, you must understand the current precautions during use. How to use this product better and what should you pay attention to when using it?

Meet Technical Index Tequirements

When using carbon fiber glue, it is necessary to ensure that the safety performance of all products meets the technical specifications, so that the product effects of carbon fiber glue can be exerted.

Do a Good Job Of Protection

Before using carbon fiber glue, everyone should put on protective clothing, gloves and masks. If you accidentally get all these dirty things on your skin, you must clean it with acetone, and rinse with plenty of water after washing. If you accidentally eat it or get it into your eyes, you must clean it with acetone. Seek medical attention immediately.

Operate Strictly According To The Ratio

When using carbon fiber glue, it must be produced strictly according to the current ratio. It must be stirred evenly with a stirrer, or stirred manually. Pay attention to force when stirring. Otherwise, uneven mixing may occur, resulting in foaming during use. This requires that no air can enter during mixing.

When using carbon fiber glue, in addition to the above requirements, it is recommended that you adjust it according to the amount of each use during use. Don’t mix a lot of this product at one time. We can mix it again after using it. In this way, we can effectively avoid colloid solidification or unnecessary waste, thereby avoiding some losses.

  • Before gluing, the surface of the building should be smoothed and cleaned. If the unevenness is left, the carbon fiber cloth will not be able to stick firmly to the wall. In addition, if there is water leakage on the surface of the building, it should be treated with glue and then reinforced.  
  • Pay attention to the time when dispensing glue, it is not easy to dispense a lot at once, and it is enough to configure the usage within 30 minutes at a time.  
  • The thickness of the adhesive coating is determined according to the temperature at that time. Once it is lower than 5 °C, it will be heated up.  
  • During construction, the surface of the building that needs to be reinforced is now coated with adhesive, and then another layer of carbon fiber cloth is applied. If you need to paste multiple layers of carbon fiber cloth, you must wait for the first layer to dry before proceeding with the following steps. step.  
  • Regarding the pasted carbon fiber cloth, it is necessary to cut the required size in advance, generally about 2 meters.  

The above are some precautions for gluing. For more information on carbon fiber products, if you are interested, you can read other articles on Be-cu’s official website. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in carbon fiber production and CNC machining. If you need this material, please contact us.


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