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Why Carbon Fiber Is Becoming More And More Popular?

First discovered in 1879, it consists of a chain of carbon atoms arranged in a perfect way. It has extremely high strength and hardness, and is extremely light in weight. In the 1970s, the price per kilogram of carbon fiber required $2,000. In the 1980s, the price dropped to $100 per kilogram. By 2009, global production reached 40,000 tons, and the price was only $25. Experts predict that its use will reach 140,000 tons by 2020, making it increasingly popular.
Carbon fiber itself is of very limited use, and in most applications it must be woven into cloth and then pre-impregnated like resin. Carbon chains arranged in this way can act as reinforcement, similar to how steel bars act as supports in reinforced concrete. Compared to parts made of steel, the same product based on carbon fiber resin is 75% lighter, yet 3 times harder and 10 times stronger. Strategic weapons and is the earliest use of carbon fiber. It has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures above 2000 ° C. High-speed objects are subjected to strong friction to generate high temperatures. If there is no good high temperature resistance, it is easy to burn. In addition, carbon fiber has good compatibility with other materials and can be used in combination.
Why is carbon fiber becoming more and more popular? In addition to the superior performance and the gradually popularized price, there is another important reason, that is, the wide range of use. In addition to the above-mentioned strategic weapons and fields, it can also be used to manufacture sporting goods, medical and health devices, building materials, bathroom furniture, gift jewelry, etc. Now people are still working on using it in more industries, and I believe it will be used more and more widely in the future.

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