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Analysis Of Common Molding Processes For Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon fiber is a high-performance structural material. In practical application, carbon fiber is usually combined with some matrix resins to form carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber products have been used in medical equipment, rail transit, automobile industry and other fields. Let’s take a look at the commonly used molding processes for carbon fiber products.
Compression molding: First, place the carbon fiber prepreg between the upper and lower molds, and place the mold on the hydroforming table after mold closing. After a certain period of high temperature and high pressure to cure the resin, carbon fiber products can be obtained. In the production process, attention should be paid to the control of pressure and temperature. The temperature determines the heat transfer of the mold to the material, and has a great influence on the melting, flow and solidification process of the material. The pressure can close the mold tightly and densify the material, which ensures the flow of the melt and the pressure generated by the volatilization of the material in the balance cavity. The surface of the product obtained by this process is smooth and flat, and the strength retention rate is high.
Autoclave forming: This process requires the help of certain auxiliary materials. First, the carbon fiber prepreg is attached to the surface of the mold, and the whole is put into a vacuum bag, evacuated to a vacuum state, and then placed in an autoclave, and vacuumed by a vacuum pump. , after a period of vacuum heating to solidify the resin to obtain a carbon fiber product blank.
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