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The Application Of Carbon Fiber In Aircraft

Application Of Carbon Fiber In Aircraft

Ask what the hottest material of the 21st century is, and many people will answer:carbon fiber. Carbon fiber originated in the 1950s, when the United States and the Soviet Union were in the Cold War. In order to solve problems such as the heat resistance of weapons, researchers used many materials for experiments, and finally found that carbon fiber was the most suitable.

After so many years of development, carbon fiber has been applied in many fields, including automobile manufacturing, sporting goods industry, and other fields. Today, Xiaobian from Be-cu will tell you about the application of carbon fiber in aircraft.

Body Structure

Carbon fiber is used in the fuselage structure to strengthen the support structure and improve the rigidity and strength of the aircraft. The aircraft fuselage is made of flat aluminum alloy sheet fabrication, but because the aluminum alloy material is heavy, a large amount of steel bars and internal supports are needed to support the fuselage. The use of carbon fiber materials can reduce the weight of the aircraft and reduce operating costs. Some new commercial aircraft use fiber reinforced materials as the fuselage structure, reducing weight by 20% to 30%.

Wing Structure

Carbon fiber is used in wing structures to strengthen the wing and improve aerodynamic performance. With the high strength and low density of carbon fiber, the weight of the wing area can be reduced, thereby reducing the weight of the wing. In addition, carbon fiber particles can form a finer structure, thus improving the rigidity and strength of the entire wing. Wings made of carbon fiber can greatly increase the flight speed and efficiency of aircraft.

Engine Parts

Carbon fiber is used in aircraft engine components to increase the strength and durability of the engine. In the manufacturing process of turbofan engines, carbon fiber is often used to create turbine blades and airfoil designs. These components must have extremely high strength and durability to support the engine’s high-speed rotation and high-temperature environment. Because carbon fiber has good tensile properties, it can cope with some extreme stress conditions.

Seats And Interiors

Fibers are used in aircraft seats and interiors to improve passenger comfort and safety. Because carbon fiber has high strength and light weight, it can create comfortable seats and reduce the weight of the entire aircraft seat. In addition, carbon fiber can also be used to create personalized interiors to enhance the comfort and feel of the aircraft.

Speaking of aircraft, the first thing that comes to mind is an airplane. The overall skeleton, tail, engine, brake pads and other components of the aircraft can be manufactured using carbon fiber. The reason why a hydrogen balloon can defy gravity and rise to the sky is because it is less dense than air. The density of an airplane cannot be less than that of air, so it is powered by fuel. The lighter the aircraft, the less power it needs, and the use of carbon fiber can reduce fuel consumption.

The speed of the aircraft is very fast, and the air resistance is naturally large. The carbon fiber has high strength, strong tensile ability and low friction. It can remain unchanged and not deformed under high-altitude resistance, which is not affected, and protects the safety of passengers. The moisture-resistant properties of carbon fiber also ensure that it will not corrode as it travels through wet clouds.This article specifically describes the application of carbon fiber in aircraft, if you want to know more about it, you can take a look.  

Other aircraft cnc machining include airships, rockets, gliders, etc. They can also use carbon fiber, and the working principle is similar to that of carbon fiber aircraft. Here in particular, let’s talk about rockets, as aircraft flying into space, they are more sophisticated than airplanes, and the materials used need to be the best, which shows the advantages of carbon fiber.  

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