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Application Prospect Of Carbon Fiber Technology In High-power LED Lamps

At present, the most commonly used LED bulbs are aluminum alloy radiators. In order to ensure that the heat sink can have a large enough heat dissipation area, the LED light source is generally welded to the top of the bulb, and its light-emitting angle is very limited. The excellent thermal conductivity of the fiber porous hollow structure makes the heat dissipation performance of the carbon fiber material heater obviously better than that of the aluminum alloy. Next, China Be-cu Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. will explain in detail.
Under the same heat dissipation effect, choosing a carbon fiber radiator can effectively reduce its size and will not block the light-emitting angle of the LED lamp. In addition, the LED light source can also be welded to the circumferential position on the side of the radiator, so that the light bulb can emit 360° around like energy-saving lamps or incandescent lamps, making users feel more harmonious and comfortable.
With the continuous advancement of semiconductor solid-state light source technology, the luminous efficiency of LEDs is also steadily improving, and the application of LED lighting products is becoming more and more extensive. However, how to better design the way of heat dissipation and heat transfer in all aspects of packaging, chips, metal substrates and system modules is still a bottleneck hindering the development of LED technology. In order to control the node of the LED light source at a relatively low level, it is necessary to optimize the structure, improve the material and process, and each band of the LED chip can make full use of the non-deformation, non-shrinkage and high thermal conductivity of the carbon fiber material. Good characteristics to more effectively control the temperature rise of LED products.
At present, some domestic manufacturers have carried out a lot of research and exploration on the application of carbon fiber materials in LED lamps, especially high-power and ultra-high-power LED lamps. Studies have shown that carbon fiber materials with high thermal conductivity are not only very suitable for making heat sinks and substrates, but also can be used to carry LED chip substrates and heat sinks, heat sinks and substrates. The traditional thermal grease has the disadvantages of easy drying and cracking and low thermal conductivity. In addition, because the carbon fiber carbon cluster material has an excellent radiation cooling effect, the carbon fiber material can also be used as a coating, and it can be coated on the surface of the radiator, which can effectively conduct radiation heat dissipation.
Carbon fiber materials with excellent properties such as good fatigue resistance, good structure stability, good design, high specific strength and large-area integral molding, with the continuous reduction of cost and price, the scope of application will also be from the military field and The field is gradually expanding to the civil and industrial fields. The promotion and application of carbon fiber technology in high-power LED lamps and lanterns will further promote the development of the LED lighting industry. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. will also continue to explore and advance on the road of carbon fiber product machining.



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