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Brief Analysis of Thermal Properties of Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon fiber is a hot new structural material at this stage. It is usually used in the form of composite materials. The performance of carbon fiber composite materials is more prominent than that of traditional materials, so it has been used in aerospace, rail transit, medical and other fields. Mainly to understand the thermal properties of carbon fiber composite materials.
1. High temperature resistance; the working temperature of carbon fiber itself is very high, which can reach 2000 ° C. Since carbon fiber is mostly used in the form of composite materials, carbon fiber needs to be incorporated into the resin, and the working temperature of the resin is not so high, so the general carbon fiber composite material The working temperature is about 150 ℃, but some special fields need to use high temperature resistant materials. The Be-cu prototype has a high temperature resistant carbon fiber board, and the working temperature can reach more than 600 ℃.
2. Coefficient of thermal expansion; objects expand and contract due to changes in temperature. The ability to change is based on the constant pressure, and the change in the length value caused by the unit temperature change is the thermal expansion coefficient. The thermal expansion coefficient of the carbon fiber composite material is very small, which means that the size of the carbon fiber composite material is very stable. Minimal creep is guaranteed.
3. Thermal conductivity; carbon fiber is obtained by carbonization at high temperature. When the graphite lattice is oriented in the axial direction of the fiber, it will have ultra-high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal conductivity.
Compared with other materials, the thermal properties of carbon fiber composite materials are more prominent. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a carbon fiber product manufacturer with rich production experience. equipment, which provides a guarantee for the production of high-quality carbon fiber products.

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