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Carbon Fiber Composite Drive Shaft For Lathe

The drive shaft is a rotating body with high speed and less support. The drive shaft of the machine tool is mainly used to transmit the power of the power source to the execution structure. Our common drive shaft is made of steel material, but now the drive shaft is used for There are new requirements for bending resistance, rotation accuracy and the maximum rotational speed that can be tolerated. However, the traditional metal materials have high mass and are easy to cause vibration, which will make the work process difficult. Carbon fiber composite drive shafts came into being.
Carbon fiber composite material is an extremely light material with a density lower than that of aluminum. The drive shaft made by it can reduce its own weight. The inertia of the object is related to the quality of the object itself. The carbon fiber drive shaft has a small mass, and the inertia also decreases. The speed of starting and ending is accelerated, which can effectively improve work efficiency, and lightweight materials can reduce energy consumption. The bending strength of the carbon fiber composite material is about 8500/MPa, which shows that the carbon fiber composite material has strong bending resistance and can meet the new requirements of the drive shaft.
Carbon fiber composite materials have the characteristics of energy absorption and vibration resistance, which can ensure low vibration during the working process. Moreover, carbon fiber composite materials have high specific strength and high specific modulus, and have excellent bearing capacity. In addition, carbon fiber composite materials also have fatigue resistance, which can maintain good stability during high-speed operation, work for a long time, and reduce unnecessary maintenance.
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