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Carbon Fiber Composite Material Hole Making Process

Carbon fiber composite materials have higher strength than steel, lower density than aluminum, high elastic modulus, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, small thermoplasticity, high X-ray transmittance, and various forming methods. They are used in many industries. . In this article, the editor will talk about the hole making process of carbon fiber composite materials.  

Tool Selection

Due to the high hardness of carbon fiber material, the high-speed drill wears very fast, so carbide must be selected as the tool material. On the basis of referring to the selection of foreign cemented carbides, it is found that the selection of tungsten-cobalt cemented carbides is superior, because such cemented carbides have higher bending strength and toughness, which can reduce chipping during cutting. At the same time, it has good grinding processability and is suitable for grinding sharp edges.  

Selection Of Drill Geometry Parameters

When the apex angle is in the range of 100°~120°, the number of drilling holes in one sharpening can reach more than 100 holes, and the quality of the holes is also relatively good. Rear corner. It has a great influence on the drilling performance. When the relief angle is small, the axial force of the feed increases, and it is easy to generate heat; when the relief angle is large, the axial force of the feed decreases, the cutting is lighter, and the drill bit’s Durability will also increase. However, if the clearance angle is too large, the strength of the cutting edge will also be weakened, and it is generally controlled at 15°~25°. Helix angle. Since the helix angle is actually the rake angle of the drill in the axial section, the larger the helix angle, the sharper the cutting edge and the lighter the cutting. The test results show that the helix angle of 25°~30° is better. For smooth chip evacuation, the spiral groove should also be polished.  

Drilling Process Parameters

The drilling process test shows that controlling the feed speed is very important to ensure the quality of the hole. When the feed speed is 0.01mm/r, the axial force is 851.71N, and when the feed speed is 0.07mm/r, the axial force is 851.71N. The force increases to 277.24N. Therefore, for drilling carbon fiber composite materials, it is generally better to use low feed and large rotation speed. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, complete carbon fiber machining equipment and experienced staff, and can do fine hole machining according to customer drawings, including countersunk holes, threaded holes, etc. In addition, we also have the strength to independently develop modified carbon fiber composite materials, which makes it widely used in more fields.


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