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Carbon Fiber Has Great Potential For Use In The Automotive Industry

For a car, 10 more horsepower is worse than 10 kilograms less. Strong power does not mean everything, and the lightweight of the car body is the higher pursuit. Carbon fiber composite materials have been used in auto parts due to their lightweight, high strength, and stable chemical properties. Let’s take a look at this article.
Lightweight body has now become an important way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. According to research, the body weight is reduced by 10%, and the fuel efficiency shell is increased by 6-8%. At present, there are two main ways to realize the lightweight of automobiles, one is to optimize the structural design, and the other is to use new structural materials with light weight and high strength to replace traditional structural materials. Carbon fiber has great potential in the application of lightweight automobiles. Its density is only 1.7g/cm3, and the density of traditional structural materials aluminum and steel are 2.7g/cm3 and 7.85g/cm3, respectively. In contrast, the weight reduction effect of carbon fiber composite materials is more prominent, and at the same time, its mechanical properties are also Better than traditional structural materials, it can effectively meet the needs of use strength while reducing weight.
Carbon fiber is widely used in the automotive industry for its outstanding performance advantages, and it is also regarded as the development trend of automotive prototype materials in the future, but it still faces certain challenges. The most important one is related to the cost of carbon fiber and the cost of steel and aluminum Compared with components, the high price of carbon fiber also limits the widespread popularity of carbon fiber, so the reduction in the cost of carbon fiber will definitely have an impact on the application field of carbon fiber.
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