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Carbon Fiber Rail Transit Application Example

Carbon Fiber Rail Transit Application Example

Carbon fiber material is a high-performance structural material. It has been widely used in the automotive industry and other fields. Now it also plays an increasingly important role in rail transportation. In this article, let’s take a look at the application examples of carbon fiber rail transportation.  

In the early 1990s, the Swiss Schindler Rolling Stock Company made a car body by winding carbon fibers. The prototype car produced met the requirements of strength and stiffness, and achieved the expected results through running tests on the railway line.

In 2000, France produced a double-layer TGV trailer prototype using carbon fiber, glass fiber and other suitable materials. Experiments show that the composite material body has outstanding advantages in vibration performance, thermal insulation and fire resistance, and improves the comfort of passengers. , the composite material body is 25% lighter than the aluminum alloy body.  

In 2007, South Korea developed the TTX pendulum train. The body structure of the train adopts a hybrid design scheme. The roof, side walls and end walls are made of sandwich composite materials, and the total body mass is reduced by 28% compared with the stainless steel structure. And the vehicle body strength, fatigue strength, fire safety, dynamic characteristics and other performance are good, and put into commercial operation in 2010.  

Domestically, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. has developed the world’s first full-carbon fiber composite subway vehicle body. It adopts a carbon fiber sandwich structure and is designed through modular design and integrated molding technology.

The maximum running speed is 100km/h. , 35% lighter than the same type B aluminum alloy subway car body. The car body meets the use requirements of extreme harsh environments, and has excellent mechanical properties, environmental performance and fire resistance.  

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