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How To Process Carbon Fiber Sheet?

Carbon fiber sheet is a high-quality composite material. The molding method is to impregnate carbon fiber with resin , and then heat and solidify it in a mold. It inherits the superior performance of carbon fiber, light weight, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, and can be used in various harsh environments.

How To Process Carbon Fiber Sheet?

Regarding the production and cnc machining of carbon fiber sheets, Be-cu carbon fiber selects imported resins and filaments. 100% pure carbon fiber and epoxy tree, coupled with advanced equipment and scientific management methods, make the product’s flatness, thickness tolerance, appearance effect, temperature resistance, resistance, stability, etc. meet customer requirements, and the quality is excellent. We have advanced machine tool equipment, CNC full computer control machining, high precision. In addition to sheet machining parts, special-shaped parts can also be produced and processed with drawings or samples, and the mold fee and proofing fee will be refunded for large purchases.

Carbon fiber sheet is a composite material composed of carbon fiber and resin. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high stiffness, corrosion resistance, etc., so it has been widely used in some high-end fields, such as aviation, aerospace, racing, sports equipment, etc. field. However, the 3 axis cnc machining process of carbon fiber sheets is more complicated than that of ordinary materials because it is harder and requires higher precision and skill when machining. This article will introduce several processing methods of carbon fiber sheets and their precautions.


The tools used to cut carbon fiber sheets include electric saws, hand saws, cutting machines, machine scales and other tools. Generally speaking, manual cutting is more suitable for manufacturing small carbon fiber sheets, while for large carbon fiber sheets, it is best to use machine processing. When cutting, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Leave enough space when cutting and reserve a certain margin for subsequent corner trimming;
  • When choosing knives, you should choose cutting knives with good quality and sharpness, such as stainless steel cutting knives;
  • You can apply glue and other protective agents on the cutting area of the carbon fiber plate before cutting to avoid structural damage to the carbon fiber plate.


Drilling carbon fiber panels also requires special tools and skills. Generally speaking, using a regular drill bit will cause cracking and chipping of carbon fiber sheets. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following aspects before drilling:

  • Plan the location of the drilling and mark it;
  • Choose a high-quality drill bit with cutting fluid and maintain its appropriate rotation speed;
  • Spray some lubricant 5-6 mm before drilling to maintain the contact surface between the drill bit and the carbon fiber plate;
  • Avoid excessive pressure and rotate the drill bit at the appropriate speed and force.


Polishing is the process of making the surface of carbon fiber sheets flat and smooth. This multi cnc machining method will ensure that the surface of the carbon fiber sheet presents a uniform effect without unevenness. Before polishing, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Rotating grinding head
  • Adhesive rollers
  • High-quality wear-resistant wear discs
  • Cleaning cloth or paper

During the polishing process, make sure the motor speed is appropriate and avoid leaving it in one place for too long. After treating the entire board, wipe the surface clean with a cleaning cloth and select an appropriate surface treatment for added protection as needed.

Prepreg Resin

In the pre-impregnated resin process for carbon fiber sheets, the carbon fiber cloth and resin are first mixed. After the carbon fiber cloth absorbs the resin, it is pressed and pre-cured to turn it into a semi-finished product. The prepreg resin plastic cnc machining method of carbon fiber sheets requires mastering the following aspects:

  • Develop a close ratio and ensure uniformity between resin and fiber;
  • Assemble each small piece before applying resin on it;
  • Perform manual contamination to eliminate air or remaining bubbles;
  • Ensure they are compressed before being fully pre-cured, and transfer the carbon fiber sheets to equipment that will keep the carbon fiber material flat under compression.

The above points require special attention to ensure the precision machining effect of carbon fiber sheets.


The learn manufacturing of carbon fiber sheets is relatively complex and presents certain challenges. During the 4 axis machining process, different tools and equipment are used, and extra attention to detail is required. In order to obtain the ideal results, it may take several attempts and adjustments, and you need to continuously improve your skill level to cope with different cnc machining needs. I hope the content of this article can provide help and guidance for your carbon fiber plate machining.

Carbon fiber sheets are used in a wide range of fields, including national defense, electronics, sports equipment, musical instruments, cnc machining medical equipment, and building reinforcement. With the progress of productivity, the scope of use is still further expanding, and I believe it will fully penetrate into life in the future.

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