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How To Use The Correct Joining Process In The Application Of Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon fiber products, if you want to have excellent performance, you need to use carbon fiber products produced by continuous carbon fiber composite materials. At this stage, continuous carbon fiber products are still mostly processed parts, which are applied to many industries. At this time, you need to do the corresponding CNC Machining enables carbon fiber products to be stably and firmly connected to the equipment.

At this time, it is necessary to consider what kind of connection process to choose. The carbon fiber products produced by Be-cu prototypes are designed into many industries, so I will tell you about them in this article.

In the connection method of carbon fiber products, there are two commonly used processes: gluing and mechanical connection. Of course, the connection of the two can also be mixed, so what kind of connection process is used needs to take into account the actual application of carbon fiber products. It can be viewed from several aspects.

First understand the bonding, bonding is to connect carbon fiber material with other materials through glue, then this is a fixed product connection, for example, you are industrial parts such as carbon fiber tubes and aluminum metal parts to become carbon fiber rollers, and then zero The components need to be fixed on the solar panel, which is also the way to be fixed. When gluing, make sure that the product does not need to be disassembled frequently. Once it needs to be disassembled, the gluing is not very suitable. In addition, during the gluing process , It is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the glued part, so as to ensure that the strength of the glued joint meets the requirements. Although the carbon fiber products are not easy to disassemble in the glued way, the glued joint also has the advantages of glued joints. The strength performance of the glued carbon fiber products It will not be too low, and does not require drilling and other operations, and will not cause damage to the carbon fiber product, so that the surface of the carbon fiber product is not easy to corrode, and the stress will not have a great impact, and the carbon fiber product is not easy to deform. , the whole product will not have a great increase in quality, that.

The mechanical connection is to increase mechanical connections such as screws and flanges by opening holes. At this time, it is necessary to carry out corresponding machining machining methods for carbon fiber products. Pay attention to no damage and no burr tearing. The mechanical connection will increase the overall weight, but the mechanical connection is easier to disassemble and can transmit the overall load very well. In addition, there are other advantages in the mechanical connection. For example, in a different way than gluing, you will suffer Due to the influence of temperature and humidity, the overall stability of the mechanical connection is better. If there is a requirement for performance, the mechanical connection method will be used more. There are also defects in the bonding. For example, you will have stress problems in machining, and voids. The edges need to be sealed twice, including metal bolts to be treated for corrosion resistance, and the workload will be greatly increased.

There are also some products that will use both connections, also known as hybrid connection, that is, the way of glue and metal connection, which will make the performance of the entire connection more temperature, of course, the price will be higher, for If you need carbon fiber products, you are welcome to come to consult. Be-cu Prototype is a manufacturer specializing in carbon fiber products. It has ten years of rich experience in the carbon fiber field. It is engaged in the production and machining of carbon fiber products. The machine is also perfect and can complete the production of various types of carbon fiber products, which can be customized according to drawings.


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