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Introduction Of Carbon Fibers With Different Moduli

Carbon fiberIt is widely used in today’s society, in industries, including primary and secondary structures, Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft can use it; in industrial applications, it reduces the load on firefighters and makes cars more fuel-efficient; sports entertainment On the one hand, fishing rods, surfing equipment, bicycle parts, ski equipment and tennis rackets are also used. There are many types of carbon fibers. This article will talk about carbon fibers with different moduli.
Standard modulus carbon fiber: Standard modulus carbon fiber tow is from 1K to 24K, which is moderately priced and widely used. According to the model, there are T300, T300J, T400H, T700S, T700G. T300 is the one with the longest history, with a production history of more than 30 years, the comprehensive balance is particularly good; the enhanced tensile strength of T300J exceeds that of T300, making it safer and more reliable; T400H is specially designed for application; T700S has the highest strength; T700G Fibers are never twisted.
Medium-modulus carbon fiber: The medium-modulus carbon fiber was originally produced to adapt to the development of the business, and now has applications in optical fibers and industry. Its models are T800H, T800S, T1000G, M30S, M30G. T800H is a high tensile strength fiber with high level and balanced composite properties, widely used in aircraft tails; T800S is only used in 24k tow carbon fiber; T1000G is suitable for lightweight fuel cell vehicles, in It is also used in aircraft, satellites, and hydrogen storage tanks; M30S is mainly used as industrial pressure vessels; M30G is used in sporting goods.
High modulus carbon fiber: We all know that the performance of PAN-based carbon fiber is better than that of pitch-based carbon fiber and viscose-based carbon fiber. The MJ series and M series of PAN-based carbon fibers produced by Toray Company in Japan are high modulus materials. The tensile modulus is above 590, and the tensile strength is around 600.
After reading the above, I believe that carbon fiber has a deeper understanding.Some people do not know what the 1K and 3K raised above represent, you can refer to another article on the official website of China Be-cu,which has a detailed explanation, and will not be repeated here.

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