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Introduction To The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber And Glass Fiber

Carbon fiber and glass fiber are both commonly used structural materials. In practical application, they are mostly used in the form of composite materials. The editor of the Be-cu prototype in this article will introduce carbon fiber and glass fiber to you.  

Introduction To The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber And Glass Fiber

Carbon fiber is a high-strength, high-modulus fiber structure material with a carbon content of more than 90%. Commonly used carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile, viscose fiber, pitch fiber and other raw materials, which are produced by high temperature carbonization and graphitization. made.

Carbon fiber materials are widely used. The significant advantages of carbon fiber materials are light weight and high strength. Their density is only 1.7g/cm3. The densities of common structural materials aluminum and steel are 2.7g/cm3 and 7.85g/cm3 respectively. In comparison, carbon fiber The weight reduction performance of the material is more prominent.

At the same time, the mechanical properties of the carbon fiber material are very outstanding. Its tensile strength can reach several times that of steel, and the comprehensive index of specific strength and specific modulus is better than that of most structural materials, meeting the needs of use strength. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material with excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties and long service life.

Advantages of mixing carbon fiber and glass fiber

Carbon fiber and glass fiber are two of the more commonly used materials in the modern materials industry. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high stiffness, and corrosion resistance, but it has high cost and poor toughness. Glass fiber has the characteristics of low price, light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, etc., but its strength is relatively low. Therefore, mixing the two can make up for each other’s shortcomings and improve the strength and toughness of the material.

The advantages of mixing carbon fiber and glass fiber mainly include:

  • Reduce costs: The cost of carbon fiber is higher, while the cost of glass fiber is lower, so mixed use can reduce manufacturing costs and reduce overall costs.
  • Improve strength and stiffness: The strength and stiffness of carbon fiber is higher than that of glass fiber, while the toughness of glass fiber is better than that of carbon fiber. The mixed use of the two can combine the strength and stiffness advantages of carbon fiber with the toughness advantage of glass fiber to improve The overall strength and stiffness of a material.
  • Improve wear resistance: Carbon fiber has poor wear resistance, while glass fiber has better wear resistance. Mixed use can improve the wear resistance of the material and extend its service life.
  • Improve cnc machining performance: Carbon fiber is difficult to process, while glass fiber is easy to process. Mixed use can improve the processing performance of the material and reduce production difficulty.

Applications where carbon fiber and glass fiber are mixed

Mixed use of carbon fiber and glass fiber can be used in many fields. Here are a few common application areas:

  • Aerospace: Materials mixed with carbon fiber and glass fiber can be used in the aerospace field to manufacture aircraft and satellites.
  • Automobile industry: Materials mixed with carbon fiber and glass fiber can be used in automobile manufacturing to manufacture frames, shells and other parts.
  • Shipbuilding industry: Mixed materials of carbon fiber and glass fiber can be used to manufacture ship hulls, bridge piers, breakwaters, etc.
  • Other fields: Materials mixed with carbon fiber and glass fiber are also used in sports equipment, construction, electronics industry and other fields.

In short, the advantage of mixing carbon fiber and glass fiber is that they complement each other and can improve the overall performance. This mixed use is widely used in modern industry.

Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, and there are many kinds. Fabricated by weaving and other processes, glass has high tensile strength, small elongation , high elastic coefficient and good rigidity; it is an inorganic fiber, not easy to burn, has good insulation, and good chemical resistance, compared with carbon fiber. Said it was cheap.  

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