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Machining Of Carbon Fiber Materials

The world’s first rootcarbon fiberIt is extracted from cellulose, the most famous example is Edison incandescent filament, but now polyacrylonitrile has become the raw material for the production of carbon fiber, because if it is produced with this material, the conversion rate is high and the product quality is good.

High-strength carbon fiber strands can be produced if the highly oriented man-made fibers are fully immersed in silicone oil prior to carbonization. The carbon fiber sheets, carbon fiber tubes or other carbon fiber products we see are all cnc machined from raw silk. In this article, I will tell you about the machining of carbon fiber materials.    

Carbon Fiber Tube

The carbon fiber tube is formed by winding. First coat the mold release agent on the core mold, then pre-impregnate the carbon fiber tow with resin and wrap it on the core mold, and finally release the mold to cure. It can be processed into fishing rods, flagpoles, brackets, golf clubs, aircraft wing skeletons, etc.  

Carbon Fiber Rod

The carbon fiber rod is formed by pultrusion, which is formed by pultrusion die under the action of traction force after impregnating carbon fiber with resin. It is mainly used as a structural material, such as a kite frame, a bracket for lights.  

Carbon Fiber Cloth

Carbon fiber cloth is made of carbon fiber raw silk. According to the different weaving methods, there are plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, one-way, two-way, etc. The cloth without pattern has slightly different functions, such as the strength of one-way cloth. Both are concentrated in one direction, and the strength of the two-way cloth is dispersed in two directions.  

Carbon Fiber Board

The carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber cloth and resin. The carbon fiber cloth is stacked according to the required thickness, and the resin is pre-impregnated and then press-molded. Its main use is for building reinforcement.  

Carbon Fiber Products

flat products only need to be processed by carbon fiber board cnc, and irregular shaped parts need to use molds, and then shape them with carbon fiber cloth. It can be seen in all walks of life.   Carbon fiber materials can be processed into the above-mentioned products. Nowadays, carbon fiber accounts for an increasing share of the material market. If you want to purchase materials in this area, please come to our company to order, first proofing and then mass production, so that customers can use it more assuredly . We have international product certification, and our products are exported to Europe and the United States and other regions.


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