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Research On The Stability Of Carbon Fiber Tube Axial Under Compression

The most prominent performance of carbon fiber composite materials is light weight and high strength. Compared with steel, it can be found that in addition to the general properties of steel, it also has high tensile strength, high natural vibration frequency, large internal resistance, chemical resistance and other superior properties. characteristic. Carbon fiber tubes are made of carbon fiber and resin, and are mainly used as structural parts and load-bearing parts. In this article, the editor will talk about the research on the axial compression stability of carbon fiber composite tubes.
In order to study the axial compression stability of carbon fiber composite pipe, China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. analyzed the effect of carbon fiber pipe with different thicknesses, different layup aspects, layup sequence and component slenderness ratio of CFRP-aluminum through experiments and finite element analysis. The influence of alloy composite tube buckling capacity, and the following conclusions are drawn:
The buckling load increases with the increase of the layer thickness.When the layup angle is 0°, the buckling load is the largest and the smallest when it is 90°.The layup sequence has little effect on the buckling load.
When the slenderness ratio is greater than 60, the pure carbon fiber composite tube, pure aluminum alloy tube, and composite tube all undergo elastic buckling; when the slenderness ratio is less than 60, the pure carbon fiber composite tube undergoes elastic buckling, and the pure aluminum alloy tube undergoes elastic buckling. Plastic buckling, while the composite tube is between pure carbon fiber tube and pure aluminum alloy tube , with the increase of the number of layers of carbon fiber composites, the stability coefficient increases continuously.
As a well-known manufacturer of China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology, we use the rolling process to produce carbon fiber tubes with a maximum length of 3.1m and a maximum diameter of 200mm, with high strength and good stability. In addition, for customers who need large-diameter pipes, other pipe forming methods can theoretically produce 500mm diameter pipes, which can basically meet the current industrial demand for carbon fiber pipes.



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