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Various Styles Of Carbon Fiber Pens

The carbon fiber material we usually call is made of carbon fiber tow, which is beautiful, soft and durable. It is usually pre-impregnated resin cured and used to make luxury cars, aircraft parts, ship parts, tables and chairs, Sporting Goods etc. With the promotion of carbon fiber materials, some small items can also use this advanced material, such as wallets, business cards, pens and so on.Here are the various stylescarbon fiber pen.

Ballpoint pens, water pens, and fountain pens can all use carbon fiber as the barrel. The popular style now is to use carbon fiber in the middle of the barrel and plastic or metal at the front and rear ends. Of course, if you like the shell is all made of carbon fiber, you can, but you need to customize it directly from the manufacturer, and China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. can produce it.

Various Styles Of Carbon Fiber Pens

The carbon fiber pen holder is very different from other pens in appearance, more elegant and generous, suitable for business people and personal collection. We all know that carbon fiber is an emerging high-tech material with many advantages.

It can withstand strong external impact, is not damaged by repeated friction, is resistant to chemical corrosion, waterproof, and can function normally in various harsh environments. use. Therefore, the carbon fiber pen is not only decorative, but also very easy to use in practice, and it can be used in any occasion without losing style.

China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. has provided carbon fiber pens for many customers, you are welcome to inquire if you need it. We use 100% pure carbon fiber, no glass fiber, and not the kind of stickers that imitate carbon fiber texture. Each product has undergone strict inspection before leaving the factory, the quality is in line with international standards, and the packaging is beautiful and tight.


ISO 9001 certified. BE-CU Prototype Offering CNC machining carbon fiber and other manufacturing services for carbon fiber marterial. Various capabilities include notching, labeling, drilling carbon fiber, grinding, laser cutting carbon fiber, finishing, plating, marking, CNC milling carbon fiber and turning carbon fiber.We stock high quality 3k carbon fiber sheet in a variety of thickness, types and finish. Its a great material used in applications where light weight and strength are needed such as drones. Unlike other workshops, we have no min order and are often filling orders with a single part. We also don’t make you pay for the full sheet and you only get charged for what is used. With a large selection of material, you should find everything you need to make your project come to life. We are also able to handle larger production runs and provide a competitive pricing. If we don’t have the material or finish you require, we are more the willing to look at bringing it in for you.