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What Are The Carbon Fiber Connection Methods?

Carbon fiber composite materials are usually used in the manufacture of automobiles, rail vehicles and various mechanical equipment in the form of parts. Glue connection. Different connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them together in this article.
For components whose thickness, length or overall volume account for a large proportion of the entire equipment, mechanical connection is usually used, because heavier or larger mechanical equipment tends to generate greater vibration and friction during operation. The mechanical connection is more conducive to the transmission of larger concentrated loads, and this method is more reliable. Moreover, if the parts need to be disassembled and replaced, it is more convenient to use a mechanical connection.
For components with light weight and small volume, they can be connected by gluing, because compared with mechanical connection, gluing is not only easy to obtain a smooth transition shape that meets the requirements of aerodynamics, but more importantly, it will not significantly increase the size of the body. Self-weight, and self-weight has a great influence on small, especially precision equipment, but because the bonding strength changes with environmental changes such as temperature and humidity, the reliability is reduced compared to mechanical connections. Not suitable for parts with high strength requirements.
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