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What Are The Connection Methods Of Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon fiber products have been used in medical equipment, rail transit, automobile industry and other fields. The main advantages are light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Some carbon fiber products need to be connected. The editor of the Be-cu prototype in this article will give you Introduce the connection method of carbon fiber products.
For components whose thickness, length, and overall volume account for a large proportion of the entire device, mechanical connection is a good choice. Large mechanical equipment will generate a certain amount of vibration and friction during operation. The mechanical connection can transmit a large load, and if the components need to be disassembled and replaced, the mechanical connection is also more convenient.
The gluing process is suitable for parts with light weight and small volume. Since the glue connection is made of glue, it will not affect the overall weight, but the strength of the glue may be reduced with the change of temperature and environment. , and the glue is not removable. Adhesive connection does not need to open holes in the product, so basically there is no problem of stress concentration.
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