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What Can Zirconia Ceramics Be Used For?

What can zirconia ceramics be used for

With the development of the times, the society progresses. The application of zirconia ceramics has also been gradually developed by people, because zirconia ceramics have high toughness, high flexural strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, and thermal expansion coefficient is similar to steel.

Therefore, it is widely used in many fields of industrial production. Be-Cu Ceramics is a professional ceramics manufacturer. The product quality is good, the product sales volume is high, and it is widely used in various high-end fields.

What Can Zirconia Ceramics Be Used For?

Zirconia ceramics have relatively stable chemical properties, good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, so they can be used as heat-resistant ceramic coatings and high-temperature refractory products. Zirconia can also be added to other refractory materials to improve refractoriness. Zirconia refractory materials mainly include: zirconia crucible, zirconia refractory fiber, zirconia sizing nozzle, zirconia corundum brick and zirconia hollow ball refractory and so on. They are mainly used in metallurgy and silicate industries.

The mechanical properties of zirconia ceramics are relatively good, and they are widely used as engineering structural materials. Compared with ordinary sliding and rolling bearings, the service life stability of zirconia ceramic bearings is also higher and more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Zirconia ceramics can be made into engine cylinder liners, piston rings and other components. It can also improve thermal efficiency when reducing quality; zirconia ceramic valves can be a good substitute for traditional metal alloy valves, especially in bad working environments, effectively reduce wear and improve corrosion resistance, thereby improving service life. ; Zirconia ceramics can be used to make ceramic knives, which are sharper and more beautiful than traditional steel knives.

Zirconia has electrical conductivity at high temperature, especially after adding stabilizer, the electrical conductivity is stronger, and the high strength and toughness of zirconia ceramics can also be made into zirconia solid fuel cells. In addition, piezoelectric materials made of the main component of zirconia have also been widely used. Oxygen sensors made of zirconia have high sensitivity and have been widely used to detect the oxygen content of molten molten steel, detect the ratio of oxygen and gas in engines, and detect oxygen content in industrial waste gas, etc. Zirconia ceramic materials can also be made into automatic and intelligent detection systems such as temperature, sound, pressure and acceleration sensors.

The most common application of zirconia ceramic materials in the field of biomedical applications is as dental restoration materials and surgical tools; porcelain teeth made of zirconia materials in Japan and the United States have good transparency and good biocompatibility. The products are of good quality; and now there are researchers who have successfully made artificial bones for medical applications.

Zirconia has a wide range of applications and a broad market. Above we have learned about solid fuels, refractory materials, structural and functional ceramics, and medical biomaterials. Be-Cu Ceramics has zirconia machining and sales. We have good products and a professional team. The company is developing rapidly. We provide customers with high-quality products, professional technical support and perfect after-sales service.

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