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What Is The Strength Of T300 Carbon Fiber?

In 1967, Toray Corporation of Japan successfully developed the first PAN-based carbon fiber, with the brand name: T300A and a strength of only 2500MPa. This became Toray Corporation’s first brand and starting brand.

What Is The Strength Of T300 Carbon Fiber

In 1971, Toray began large-scale production of this carbon fiber, with a monthly output of 1 ton, and the set brand: T300. After years of hard work and improvement, the tensile strength of T300 has now stabilized at 3530MPa, making it a world-recognized universal carbon fiber brand.Since then, on the basis of T300 grade carbon fiber, Toray has successfully developed T700, T800, T1000 and other models of carbon fiber. The product numbers of high-strength ‘T’ series and high-modulus ‘M’ series have become the specifications for global carbon fiber manufacturers to compete against. It’s like a ruler that measures all carbon fiber model specifications. Today we will take stock of the performance parameters of T300 grade carbon fiber from the world’s major carbon fiber manufacturers.

The so-called T300 level does not mean that the tensile strength must be equal to 3530MPa, but within this strength range. I haven’t found an explanation from an authoritative organization about the specific lower and upper limits, so I will make my own decision and assume that the strength range is carbon fiber from 3200MP to 3800MPa.

In just a few decades, the carbon fiber industry has developed rapidly and is used in various fields such as military security, sports entertainment, medical equipment and so on. In order to meet the different needs of different industries, people have invented various types of carbon fibers, such as T300, T700, T800, T1000, M30J, etc. Among them, the T300 model is the most widely used.The strength of the material has always been a matter of great concern, so the T300 modelcarbon fiberHow strong is it?

Japan Toray

Speaking of carbon fiber, we have to mention Japan’s Toray. It was originally a manufacturer of synthetic fibers and resins, and is now the largest company in the world in the production of small tow carbon fibers. There are two series of products from Japan’s Toray, one is the T series, which represents high strength, and the other is the M series, which represents high modulus. Toray’s product models seem to have become the benchmark for carbon fiber. People in the industry must say “T” when talking about carbon fiber. Even the carbon fiber produced in my country must state the “T” level. When the influence of a company’s products is so great, it gradually evolves into invisible competitiveness.

Japan Toho

Toho is part of the Teijin Group and is one of the three largest carbon fiber manufacturers in Japan. Its carbon fiber is not as famous as Toray, so few people know its model classification. Generally speaking, Toho carbon fiber can be divided into high-strength types: HTA40 has a tensile strength of 3800MPa, which is equivalent to the intermediate product of Toray T300 and T400.

Mitsubishi Japan

Mitsubishi Rayon, also called Mitsubishi Rayon, is part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group. It is the second largest carbon fiber manufacturer in Japan. The products are divided into three series: high strength, medium mold and high strength, and high modulus. Among the high-strength series, TR30 has a tensile strength of 4120MPa and a modulus of 234GPa, which is similar to Toray’s T300 and T400 intermediate types.

Taiwan Taili

The Taili brand carbon fiber produced by Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Industry Group only has high-strength series. The model number is also relatively simple. TC33 has a tensile strength of 3450 MPa and a modulus of 230GPa, similar to Toray T300 products.

al aqsa turkey

Turkish carbon fiber has been developing rapidly in domestic applications in recent years. It is a carbon fiber production line jointly established in Turkey with Dow Chemical of the United States. There are only three models of products, all of which are high-strength carbon fiber. The tensile strength of A38 is 3800 MPa, which is equivalent to Toray T300.

Zhongfu Shenying

The quality control of Zhongfu Shenying, a china cnc machining manufacturer and carbon fiber company, is quite good. Although the quality stability of domestic carbon fiber has been criticized, it is undeniable that Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber has made relatively rapid progress in recent years. Zhongfu Shenying’s products are divided into 4 types, all of which are high-strength carbon fiber. Judging from the carbon fiber parameters, there are also obvious traces of following Toray products. The strength of SYT35 is 3500 MPa and the modulus is 230, which is similar to T300.

Jiangsu Hengshen

Jiangsu Hengshen was established in 2007 and successfully developed T300 grade carbon fiber in August 2010. So far, Hengshen has developed into a full industrial chain integrating carbon fiber, carbon cloth, prepreg cloth, sizing agent, resin, and composite products. In 2015, Hengshen Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the New Third Board, becoming the first listed company with carbon fiber as its main business.

Shenzhou carbon fiber

Jilin Shenzhou Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 and is a subsidiary of Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd. In 2012, it obtained the qualification of a national second-level enterprise for safety production standardization. He has been engaged in the scientific research and production of carbon fiber and its products for more than 40 years.

Fangdajiangcheng Carbon Fiber

Jilin Fangda Jiangcheng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Fangda Carbon New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Fangda Carbon, stock code 600516)” and is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jilin City, Jilin Province. It is engaged in the development of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite products. , development, production and service. Jilin Fangda Jiangcheng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. is committed to developing into a comprehensive carbon fiber production enterprise. It already has an independently developed professional and technical talent team, advanced high-end technical equipment, and complete inspection and testing Equipment, on the basis of the 500 tons/year carbon fiber production line, an additional 1,500 tons/year carbon fiber production line was built, ultimately forming a 2,000 tons/year carbon fiber production scale.

At the same time, we strive to create carbon fiber composite products with independent intellectual property rights and independent innovation capabilities. We are actively expanding into high-tech, high value-added new industries, and at the same time, we are building a 1,000-ton/year carbon fiber composite product production line. The main products and spare parts include: carbon fiber chopped strands, carbon fiber prepregs, carbon fiber fabrics and other carbon fiber composite materials.

The tensile strength of T300 carbon fiber is between 3000MPa and 3600MPa, and the elongation at break is 1.5%, which is not easy to break and deform, and is several times higher than the strength of steel. In addition, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient and light weight. Acid-base salts and other solution substances. Compared with other high-modulus and high-strength carbon fibers, the price is cheaper and cost-effective.

Looking at other types of carbon fibers, the tensile strength of T700 can reach 4900MPa, and the tensile strength of T1000 can reach up to 7000MPa. They are expensive and generally only used in high-tech fields such as the military. The scope is not as wide as the T300, and the technology is kept secret from the outside world, which is a state secret.

Maybe after the technology is more developed, T700, T800, etc. will become the mainstream carbon fiber, but now, it is still dominated by T300. If you need high-performance T300 carbon fiber, welcome to China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. We can produce various carbon fiber products and processed parts for precision 5 axis cnc machining according to drawings.


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