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What Kind Of Carbon Fiber Material Is High Strength And High Modulus

Carbon fiberIt is a very popular fiber material today. It has metal-like strength and paper-like weight, which maximizes the four words of light weight and high strength. In addition, it is also resistant to high temperature, chemical corrosion, friction, and has many advantages. With the advancement of technology, the performance of carbon fiber is also constantly improving, and now it can be divided into ordinary type and high-strength and high-modulus type. So what are the requirements for high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber?


For high-strength and high-modulus carbon fibers, there is no exact definition yet. Generally speaking, if the tensile strength per unit cross-sectional area is greater than 2GPa, the modulus is greater than 50GPa, or the tensile strength per unit mass is greater than 120g/D, the modulus Fibers with an amount greater than 500 g/d are called high-strength and high-modulus fibers.


According to the different strength or modulus, the researchers divided carbon fibers into T series and MJ series. Ordinary carbon fiber products, such as wallets, wallets, wine racks, cups, chairs, etc. only need to use carbon fiber materials with ordinary strength modulus and can be used for high-tech products, such as racing cars, rockets, etc. Modulus of carbon fiber can meet the requirements.


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