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What Kind Of Carbon Fiber Material Is High Strength And High Modulus

What Kind Of Carbon Fiber Material Is High Strength And High Modulus

Carbon fiberIt is a very popular fiber material today. It has metal-like strength and paper-like weight, which maximizes the four words of light weight and high strength.

In addition, it is also resistant to high temperature, chemical corrosion, friction, and has many advantages. With the advancement of technology, the performance of carbon fiber is also constantly improving, and now it can be divided into ordinary type and high-strength and high-modulus type. So what are the requirements for high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber?For high-strength and high-modulus carbon fibers, there is no exact definition yet.

Generally speaking, if the tensile strength per unit cross-sectional area is greater than 2GPa, the modulus is greater than 50GPa, or the tensile strength per unit mass is greater than 120g/D, the modulus Fibers with an amount greater than 500 g/d are called high-strength and high-modulus fibers.

Carbon Fiber Is Widely Used In The Aerospace Field

In terms of components, carbon fiber is a general term for a type of fiber with a carbon content of more than 95%. It has a very high specific modulus and specific strength. Among them, high-strength carbon fiber refers to fiber with high strength (strength greater than 4.5GPa) and moderate modulus (modulus generally between 230GPa and 310GPa).

High-modulus carbon fiber has a carbon content of greater than 98% and a modulus of at least 370GPa, but the strength Often on the low side. If you have no concept of modulus and strength, you can understand it like this: a stick of the same thickness, with both sides fixed horizontally, and a weight hanging in the middle, will bend downward in the middle.

For the same weight, the higher the modulus of the stick, then The stick bends downward less. How do you understand intensity? It is still this stick, the weight in the middle is added to 50kg, and the stick breaks. Then, the cross-sectional area of 50kg divided by the force on the stick is the strength of the stick.

Are Materials With Higher Strength Stronger?

For structural materials it’s not that simple. For example, if a building has been in use for a long time and some beams and columns are damaged, then the stiffness of the building will be poor, where the stiffness corresponds to the modulus. If the stiffness of a structure is poor, the resonance frequency of the object will become lower under the same externally induced vibration, and it will easily resonate with external vibration sources. A shake of the resonance will be harmful. In order to improve the rigidity of the building, a simpler method is to reinforce it and make the columns thicker to increase the rigidity.

The same is true for aerospace vehicles. In order for missiles, rockets, and drones to reach their targets accurately and stably, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the aircraft during flight. It is required that the wings and body of the missile should not have obvious tremors or deformations. That is to say, “the bones of the body must be strong.”

So, how to solve it? One way is to make the structure thicker, and the elastomer material should be high modulus and thick, so that it can resist deformation. However, spacecraft are required to be lightweight, which is a contradiction. At this time, you need to choose lightweight and strong materials, such as carbon fiber ink. Currently, many models use high-strength carbon fiber, which is carbon fiber with high strength and low modulus.

Because This Type Of Carbon Fiber Can Meet Design Requirements

However, in certain situations, high-strength carbon fiber has excess strength but insufficient modulus. For example, large aspect ratio wings and space vehicle support structures have one thing in common. The slenderness ratio of the structure is very high. It is easy to vibrate when disturbed during flight. When the frequency of vibration is close to the natural frequency of the structure, the structure will Resonance will occur, and resonance will significantly affect the stability of the aircraft. In order to limit resonance, it is necessary to increase the low-order natural frequency of the structure so that no or less resonance occurs during flight.

In order to increase the natural frequency, it is necessary to increase the stiffness of the structure. These applications therefore have very high requirements on structural stiffness, as well as strict weight and volume constraints. At this time, structural designers have to “please bring out” high-modulus carbon fiber. By using high-modulus carbon fiber, it is possible to ensure strength while limiting the structural weight, and at the same time improve the stiffness of the structure, making the aircraft more stable. Therefore, we can say that it is high-modulus carbon fiber that gives the spacecraft the “iron frame”.

According to the different strength or modulus, the researchers divided carbon fibers into T series and MJ series. Ordinary carbon fiber products, such as wallets, wallets, wine racks, cups, chairs, etc. only need to use carbon fiber materials with ordinary strength modulus and can be used for high-tech products, such as racing cars, rockets, etc. Modulus of carbon fiber can meet the requirements.

After reading the above content, I believe you have a certain understanding of what kind of carbon fiber material belongs to high strength and high modulus. Carbon fiber products have a broad market. If you have this demand, you are welcome to come to China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. for consultation and machining with drawings or samples. We have many years of production experience and advanced equipment.


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