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Why Carbon Fiber Can Be Used In High-end Industries

Carbon fiber plays an extremely important role in life. It is widely used, and its application level is also very wide. Traces of carbon fiber can be seen in all aspects of life, not only in life, but also in the automotive field. There are also more. The reason why carbon fiber is so widely used is that carbon fiber has advantages that other materials do not have.
Why can carbon fiber be used in products in the automotive field? First of all, carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with excellent mechanical properties. Carbon fiber is very soft before it is made into products, and it is difficult to connect it with mechanics. However, when it is made into products, the mechanical properties of most materials are better than It is not up to it, and the specific gravity of carbon fiber material is less than 1/4 of that of steel, but the tensile strength has reached more than 3000Mpa, which is 7~9 times that of steel. The higher the grade of carbon fiber material, the better its mechanical properties. And the higher the specific strength of the material, the smaller the self-weight of the component, the higher the specific modulus, and the greater the rigidity of the component. From these aspects, the broad application prospects of carbon fiber have been revealed.
As the name suggests, carbon fiber not only has the inherent characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the softness and processability of textile fibers. First of all, it is a non-metallic material that does not swell or swell in organic solvents, acids and alkalis, and has outstanding corrosion resistance. . Secondly, carbon fiber material has high working temperature, can adapt to high temperature working environment, and also has the characteristics of fire and flame retardant, low smoke and low toxicity. Carbon fiber has excellent anti-aging properties and can prolong the service life of products.
Carbon fiber plays a pivotal role in miniaturization, light weight, high strength, etc. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a carbon fiber manufacturer focusing on the molding of medical equipment and transportation rail carbon fiber products. The products it produces are not only in the It is sought after in China, and related carbon fiber products are also exported to Europe and the United States for a long time.



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