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Can Carbon Fiber Products Be Injection Molded?

First of all, carbon fiber products can of course be injection molded. There is no doubt about this, that is, it is similar to the molding of plastic products. In the production and machining of carbon fiber products, many processes are evolved from plastic products.

Can Carbon Fiber Products Be Injection Molded

Can carbon fiber products be Injection molding is actually related to the raw materials of carbon fiber products, and the raw materials are related to the performance of the molded products. This is what we should understand.

First of all, we must understand carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber composite materials are new composite materials that are impregnated and fused by resin matrix and carbon fiber tow. The overall performance is not only related to the resin matrix, but also related to the internal carbon fiber tow.The injection-molded carbon fiber products actually use powder carbon fiber and short fiber carbon fiber, and long fiber carbon fiber cannot use this kind of product production process.

Stretch Molding

Stretch molding is a process in which carbon fiber and injection molded parts are spliced together and then hot-pressed on a hot plate. This process requires the use of a heating profile for heating. After heating it to a certain temperature, the carbon fiber is placed in the mold together with the injection molded part, and then stretched and formed.

Shearing And Forming

Shear molding involves cutting out interfaces for bonding carbon fiber into injection molded parts. This process requires cutting the injection molded part first, and then hot pressing the carbon fiber onto the injection molded part to bond it with the injection molded part. This process is mainly used where local reinforcement is required on injection molded parts.

In actual experiments, in order to improve the performance of carbon fiber products, high-performance long-fiber continuous carbon fiber products are often used. Then, the production and molding process of this carbon fiber composite material cannot use injection molding, and other production processes will be used. , such as common molding, autoclave molding, winding molding, etc. Now more and more products on the market are produced with this high-performance carbon fiber composite material.

Injection molding is a process used in the production of carbon fiber products from powdered carbon fiber composite materials. The process of adding molten prepreg products into the mold, then curing, and opening the mold to obtain carbon fiber products. The entire production process of carbon fiber products is exactly the same as the production of plastic CNC Machining products. In addition, injection-molded carbon fiber products have higher efficiency in the entire production process and can complete the production and machining of products faster. In addition, injection-molded carbon fiber products are mainly small product parts.

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