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How Carbon Fiber Connects To Metal

How Carbon Fiber Connects To Metal

Carbon fiber is usually widely used in the form of its composite material. Carbon fiber composite material is composed of carbon fiber as a reinforcing material and a matrix material such as resin. At present, it is more and more widely used in our daily life with its many excellent properties. Many times, Some carbon fiber structural parts need to be connected to metal structural parts. In this article, we will learn how carbon fiber is connected to metal.  Adhesive connection: Adhesive is the use of structural adhesive to generate mechanical bonding force and physical adsorption force on the connecting surface, so that two adhesive parts are connected. It is suitable for light-weight and small batch machining parts.

The method of gluing is not only easy to obtain A smooth transition shape that meets aerodynamic requirements, and more importantly, does not significantly increase the overall weight, which is especially important for components with high requirements for lightweight, but because the adhesive strength will change with environmental changes such as temperature and humidity, it is reliable. Sex should be reduced a bit.

The Ways To Connect Carbon Fiber To Metal

At present, the main ways to connect carbon fiber to metal are as follows:

  • Bonding method: Use special glue to bond carbon fiber and metal together.
  • Nailing method: Use screws or nails to fix the carbon fiber and metal together.
  • Mechanical locking method: Use special clamps to assemble carbon fiber and metal together.
  • Shape locking method: Locking is achieved by designing special shapes on the surface of carbon fiber and metal.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Connection Methods

  • Bonding method: The bonding method is simple, easy and low-cost, but the connection strength is very weak and prone to failure.
  • Nailing method: Nailing method is easy to implement and low cost, but it will produce stress concentration and easily cause cracks or deformation of the joint.
  • Mechanical locking method: The mechanical locking method has higher connection strength and is suitable for occasions with high strength requirements. However, the manufacturing cost is high and assembly is difficult.
  • Shape locking method: The shape locking method has low manufacturing cost and high connection strength, but it requires special shape design and cannot withstand large torque or shear force.

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