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Problems Existing In Machining Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

The thermal conductivity itself is poor, and the cutting heat is difficult to export during machining. In severe cases, the matrix will be scorched or softened. During machining, the relationship between cutting force and deformation is much more complicated than wire cutting traditional materials. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. are as follows:  

1. Serious Tool Wear And Low Life

Carbon fiber has high strength and high hardness , as a cutting hard point, it directly rubs against the cutting edge of the tool, causing the tool to wear and tear, and the chips that are not discharged in time are squeezed and filled in the cutting area, grinding with the tool surface. function to accelerate tool wear. The shearing of the matrix, the breakage of the fibers, and the friction between the cutting edge and the chip and the machined surface will all be accompanied by the generation of cutting heat, while the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced composites is poor, and the cutting heat is mainly concentrated near the cutting edge of the tool, ablating the tool.

The surface material reduces the cutting performance of the tool, so the cutting performance of the tool is very demanding.  

2. Defects Such As Delamination, Tearing, And Burrs In Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

The interlayer bonding strength of carbon fiber reinforced composites is low. If the cutting force in the vertical direction of the layup during machining exceeds the interlayer bonding strength, it will cause delamination defects, and even a small delamination may lead to the scrapping of the entire part. The outermost layer of the carbon fiber reinforced composite material is in a free state during 3+2 aixs machining, which is the most concentrated part of the interlayer damage. During drilling, under the action of the axial force, the outermost layer of the material deforms and retreats, thereby causing the delamination of the material , tear and bulge. Fibers processed on free surfaces are easily pulled out of the matrix to form burrs without being cut.  

3. Generate Residual Stress

Due to the large difference in thermal expansion coefficient between carbon fiber and matrix resin, under the action of high cutting heat, the workpiece is prone to residual stress, which affects the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the machined surface.  

4. Serious Dust Pollution

In the process of machining carbon fiber reinforced composite materials, if water-based cutting fluid is used, it will have an adverse effect on the material itself. Therefore, dry cutting is often used in the machining of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials. The black powdery chip dust drifts into the surrounding space in an uneven and irregular motion.

Carbon fiber dust irritates human skin and respiratory tract, which is not conducive to the health of operators, and conductive chips are easy to cause short-circuit faults in machine tool circuits.


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