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Promising Carbon Fiber Materials

Promising Carbon Fiber Materials

As early as many years ago, when Edison invented the light bulb, he used carbon fiber as the filament, and carbon fiber was used as the filament, but its performance was not good at that time, and it was not used for a long time.

It was not until the 1950s that carbon fiber production technology was improved, polyacrylonitrile fiber was used as a raw material, and tension was imparted in the process of pre-oxidation, and its performance had a major breakthrough, becoming the prototype material that attracted much attention.

From the appearance of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is similar to hair, but it is thinner than human hair, only about one-twentieth of it. It can be used to strengthen plastics, metals, ceramics, etc. , fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high strength, electromagnetic shielding and other advantages.

Forming process of carbon fiber

The molding process is not complicated, and many products can be molded at one time. Regarding the manufacturing process of carbon fiber, raw materials such as polyacrylonitrile and pitch are first spun into fibers, and then pre-oxidized, carbonized, and even graphitized to make raw silk. The raw silk can only be used after post-machining. Carbon fiber precursors are generally not used directly, but are made into cloth, pipes, pipes, etc. through weaving, winding, pultrusion, etc. processes.

Application fields of carbon fiber

The application of carbon fiber in military and other fields has been recognized as good. For example, in the F-18 aircraft produced in the United States, carbon fiber accounts for 30% of the total weight, which is nearly one-tenth of the weight. The electromagnetic shielding effect also allows the fighter to avoid radar detection. In other industries, the proportion of carbon fiber materials is also increasing, such as the automotive industry, sporting goods industry, medical device industry, etc.

Carbon fiber has broad prospects, but the price is relatively expensive, which hinders its development. With the advancement of cnc machining technology, its price has dropped compared with the original. Smaller carbon fiber products, such as wallets, are sold in China. Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. can buy it for dozens of dollars. I believe that its market will be bigger in the future.


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