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Protection Of Ball Screws In Shenyang Machine Tool Factory

The ball screw pair of Shenyang Machine Tool Factory is the same as other rolling friction transmission parts. As long as the addition of abrasive particles and chemically active substances is avoided, it can be considered that these components are almost working under the condition of step wear.

But if dirt falls on the raceway or dirty lubricating oil is used, it will not only hinder the normal movement of the mix, but also cause a sharp increase in wear. This kind of wear is particularly sensitive for ball screw drives with manufacturing errors and preload deformations measured in microns, so it is necessary to effectively protect, seal and keep the lubricating oil clean.

The nut is usually sealed with a felt ring. The thickness of the felt ring is 2-3 times of the pitch, and the inner hole is made into the shape of a thread, so that it tightly wraps the lead screw, and is installed in the slot holes at both ends of the nut or sleeve. . In addition to soft felt, the sealing ring can also be made of oil-resistant rubber or nylon.

Since the seal ring is in direct contact with the lead screw, the dust removal effect is better, but it also increases the frictional resistance torque of the ball screw pair. In order to avoid this frictional resistance torque, a non-contact labyrinth seal made of hard plastic can be used.
For exposed leadscrews, helical steel belts, telescopic sleeves, conical sleeves, and partially folded plastic or leatherette guards are generally used to prevent dust and abrasive particles from adhering to the blade lead screw surface. These kinds of protective covers are similar to the protective covers of the guide rails, one end is connected to the end face of the ball nut, and the principle is shown in Figure 3.28.

The protective device and the nut are fixed on the pallet together, and the steel belt in the whole device is composed of parts such as supporting rollers, tensioning pulleys and steel belts. Both ends of the steel strip are respectively fixed on the outer surface of the lead screw. The steel belt in the guard goes around the support rollers, and the steel belt is tensioned by springs and tensioning pulleys.

When the lead screw rotates, the support plate (or worktable) moves axially relative to the lead screw, and the steel strip of one section of the lead screw is released according to the pitch of the lead screw, while the other section wraps the steel strip around the same pitch at the same pitch. on the screw. Since the width of the steel strip is exactly equal to the pitch of the lead screw, the thread groove is tightly sealed. Because the front and back sides of the steel belt are never in contact, the dirt adhering to the outer surface of the steel belt will not be brought to the inner surface, so that the inner surface is kept clean.

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