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The Production And Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Board

Carbon fiber board is a basic and commonly used carbon fiber product. It is the main application form of carbon fiber prepreg. It is currently used in many structural parts. In this article, we will learn about the production and performance advantages of carbon fiber board.   Carbon fiber prepreg is an important raw material for carbon fiber board. Before making carbon fiber board, the prepreg is cut according to the specifications of the required board. The thicker the carbon fiber board, the more prepreg layers that need to be superimposed. A reasonable layup angle can optimize the mechanical properties. Common layup angles are 0°, ±45°, and 90°. After the prepreg is laid, it needs to be cured. The prepreg is placed in a press and cured and formed under the dual action of temperature and pressure.

The significant advantage of carbon fiber material is light weight and high strength, its density is only 1.7g/cm3, the density of common structural materials aluminum and steel are 2.7g/cm3 and 7.85g/cm3 respectively, in comparison, the weight reduction performance of carbon fiber material more prominent.

At the same time, its mechanical properties are very outstanding, with excellent tensile strength, bending strength and shear strength, which can effectively meet the needs of use strength. Carbon fiber materials also have excellent X-ray transmission properties and are also used in the medical field.

Carbon fiber board also has performance advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.   China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber products. The company has large-scale hot presses, autoclaves, hydraulic forming tables, CNC high-speed milling machines and other machining equipment. The carbon fiber products produced by the company all use Made of raw materials from well-known brands such as Taiwan and Japan, the quality is guaranteed.

Carbon fiber boards, also known as carbon fiber sheets or panels, are composite materials made from carbon fibers embedded in a matrix material, often epoxy resin. These boards offer several advantages due to their unique properties and manufacturing processes. Here’s an overview of their production and advantages:

Production of Carbon Fiber Boards:

  • Carbon Fiber Prepreg Fabrication: The production process typically begins with carbon fiber fabric that is pre-impregnated (prepreg) with epoxy resin. These prepreg sheets are then layered together to create the desired thickness and shape.
  • Layer Stacking and Compression: The prepreg sheets are stacked in alternating orientations to maximize the material’s strength and stiffness in multiple directions. The stack is placed in a mold, and then heat and pressure are applied through a process called compression molding or autoclave curing. This cures the epoxy resin and fuses the layers into a solid carbon fiber board.
  • Curing: The assembly is cured at elevated temperatures under controlled pressure to ensure proper bonding between the layers and to achieve the desired mechanical properties.
  • Trimming and Finishing: After curing, the board is often trimmed to its final dimensions and any excess material is removed. Surface finishes or coatings might be applied to enhance aesthetics and protect the material.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Boards:

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Carbon fiber boards are exceptionally strong and lightweight. They exhibit a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to many other materials like steel or aluminum, making them ideal for applications where weight reduction is critical.
  • Stiffness: Carbon fiber boards have high stiffness, meaning they resist deformation under load. This makes them suitable for applications where rigidity and dimensional stability are important.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Carbon fiber doesn’t corrode like metals do. This property is especially advantageous in environments where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or salt is a concern.
  • Fatigue Resistance: Carbon fiber composites have excellent fatigue resistance, meaning they can withstand cyclic loading and stress without significant degradation in performance over time.
  • Design Flexibility: Carbon fiber boards can be shaped and molded into complex geometries, allowing for innovative and customized designs that might not be possible with traditional materials.
  • Electrical Conductivity: Carbon fiber has inherent electrical conductivity, which can be advantageous in applications where electrical grounding or electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is required.
  • Aesthetics: Carbon fiber’s distinct woven pattern gives it a unique visual appeal, making it popular for applications where aesthetics matter.
  • Thermal Properties: Carbon fiber composites have good thermal stability and insulation properties, making them suitable for applications that involve temperature variations.
  • Low Thermal Expansion: Carbon fiber’s low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it suitable for applications where dimensional stability under temperature changes is essential.


Carbon fiber boards find applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, robotics, marine, medical devices, and more. They’re used for parts like structural components, panels, frames, supports, and even decorative elements due to their combination of strength, lightweight nature, and aesthetic appeal.

It’s important to note that while carbon fiber boards offer numerous advantages, their production can be complex and expensive. This has implications on their cost and accessibility for certain applications.


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